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Satrind Tech Shredder

This Satrind Shredder is a very clean machine.  With a 100 hp electric motor and 3 inch 4-hook knives, it can be a great shredder […]

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Barclay 6P Tire Shredder

Barclay is a leader in the tire industry in rough shredding and preshredding tires.  Designed to take whole tires as large as 72 inches in […]

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Tire Shredder

Granutech 72x44BGHT Tire Shredder

This Granutech 72×44 BGHT shear shredder is considered by many as the workhorse in the tire industry.  This shredder is powered by a 300 h.p. […]

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SSI M100E Shredder system

SSI is a highly respected name in the shredder industry.  This M100 is powered by a 200 hp electric motor and the shredder is in […]

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