SSI 2000E Shredder

This SSI shredder is a great, moderately sized tire shredder, capable of handling car and light pick up truck tires.  Currently the knives are double stacked, allowing the machine to easily handle semi truck tires, also.  This 2000E is very similar to the very popular SSI 2400, except the shafts on the 2000E are a bit shorter, creating a very robust shredder, and tremendously minimizing the instance of a shaft failure.

The owner is installing new knives, and will check over the bearings and replace the endplate seals at that time.  The rails and fingers are in great condition, and the control panel is in excellent condition.  This shredder is powered by a 200 hp electric motor, and the electric control panel is in excellent condition.  The shredder has a very nice catwalk all the way around the machine making it easy to access the shredder.  In addition to new knives installed, the owner will steam clean and paint the shredder and catwalk.  It will look and run like a new machines.  It comes with infeed and outfeed hoppers.  This shredder includes a spare full set of knives that need to be rebuilt.