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Equipment Appraisals

We have for some time offered appraisals of many types of used Recycling Equipment. Our professional expertise in this field along with our technical knowledge of the equipment gives us the ability to perform these appraisals for anyone needing this type of service. We routinely perform these services for many Banks, Leasing Companies, Law firms, etc. We are very confident in our valuations of this type of Equipment because we’re buying and selling this type of equipment on a daily basis. Not only do we market this equipment ourselves, we also review trade publications and attend many auctions each year where this type of equipment is sold. With our hands-on experience of refurbishing this type of equipment on a daily basis we have at our fingertips the anticipated rebuilding costs for the many types of Recycling Equipment.

We can give you appraisals based on the following values:

  1. Replacement Value: i.e. what it would cost to replace with new similar Equipment today.
  2. Fair Market Value.
  3. Orderly Liquidation Value.
  4. Auction Value.
  5. Distressed Value: (generally a number we feel you could expect for a quick sale.)

For discussions in complete confidence send an e-mail to dating bucharest or call Richard at 660-295-4204.
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