Columbus McKinnon Tire Chipper Shredder

This CM Chipper is a great machine for taking preshredded tires and taking them down to a manageable material.  We have completely refurbished this machine, including installing new hardened rotors.  The rotors are made out of a heat treated 4140 material, rather than the mild steel they are usually built with.  We have done this so that when a knife comes off while the machine is in operation and you don’t catch it immediately you shouldn’t harm your knife seats near as easily.  In addition these will have the multi-stack cutters meaning that they will have 1.9, 1.8, as well as 1.7 knife seats available to put knives on.  Because there are so many 2.0 machines in the field, there is a plentiful supply of used 2 inch blades that can be bought for a fraction of the cost of a new blade.  They can be ground down to be used on the 1.9 seat, then on the 1.8, and finally on the 1.7 seat.  This way you can use a knife 3 times, greatly reducing your maintenance costs.

This machine will be powered by a 250 H.P. electric motor and have a soft start in order to reduce the amperage draw on startup.  This chipper would work ideally in conjunction with any other primary shredder that you currently have installed. This shredder will have in-feed hopper, stand, and out-feed hopper.  An infeed and outfeed conveyor is available for an additional charge.