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Unlimited Resources Corporation provides the Recycling Industry with one of the most experienced and talented marketing teams available. We have been in the Recycling Equipment business for over 15 years. Not only do we actively Buy, Sell, Trade, and Broker Recycling Equipment, but we also provide Recycling Equipment Appraisals.

We offer something unique to this industry which is Service after the Sale. URC is the company that will go the extra mile to help with any of your equipment needs. Whether you are looking to purchase New or good Used equipment, or are wanting to sell or trade excess equipment, you will find URC able and willing to provide this service. Our business is recycling equipment.

We specialize in the following types of recycling equipment: Tub Grinders, Tire Shredders, Cracker Mills, Granulators, Horizontal Grinders, Wood Hogs, Balers, Compactors, Shears, Trommel Screens, Vibratory Screens, Waste Recyclers, Wheeled Landfill Compactors, Conveyors, Picking and Sorting Stations, Pallet Grinders, Pelletizers, Windrow Turners, Generators, Material Handling, and all types of Mobile Caterpillar Equipment.


Richard L. Duncan – President

    Specializes in all areas of Recycling Equipment sales. Helps with designing systems and is responsible for technical assistance and equipment performance specifications in all the different areas of recycling. Email: richard@urcrecycle.com

Jeffrey Rumbaugh – Executive Vice President/ Controller

    Helps potential customers who need assistance with attaining financing to purchase equipment. Email: jeff@urcrecycle.com

Brian Canote – Sales/Marketing Coordinator

    Gives marketing and technical assistance to the sales/marketing representatives. Works directly with current customers to help troubleshoot on-site equipment opportunities. Email: brian@urcrecycle.com

Elaine Jarvis – Marketing Representative

    Specializes in the marketing of all types of shredders and other related equipment used in the tire, scrap rubber, plastics, electronic waste, and salvage recycling industries. Email: elaine@urcrecycle.com

Danelle Mason – Marketing Representative

    Specializes in the marketing of all types of equipment used in the landfill and wood industries. This also includes recycling centers, transfer stations, mulch, timber, and composting operations. Email: danelle@urcrecycle.com

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