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  • Well the time has come and we all had the chance to place a vote for the candidate of our choice.  And as I’m writing this blog we still don’t really know who is going to be our next president.  And for many of us who have had the privilege of being around for many [read more]

  • Our Company, Unlimited Resources Corporation, (URC) currently has a couple of very nice pieces of wood recycling equipment for sale. The first is a Vermeer (formerly Wildcat) windrow or compost turner. The model number of this machine is SPB 514 which basically means that it can process a windrow of material that is 5 feet [read more]

  • Don’t miss out on this perfect time to purchase used late model Waste Recycling Equipment. Our Company, Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC), currently has a large selection of used late model Waste Recycling Equipment available for sale.  Many pieces have been already refurbished and others are still waiting to be run through our shop to ensure [read more]

  • Our company Unlimited Resources Corporation currently has for sale all the items needed to make a very good Secondary Tire Recycling/Grinding System.  This system would work well for the shredding of scrap tires that have been pre-shred down to 2-3 inch in size.  This system would then grind these tire chips down to ¾” minus [read more]

  • Our Company Unlimited Resources Corporation currently has a very nice whole tire shredding system for sale.  This system was designed and built by us several years ago and has recently become available for purchase.  So we purchased the system back and are now in the process of making any repairs needed to this system to [read more]

  • Our company was started in 1996 by Richard L. Duncan who remains active in the business today.  Richard serves as the President of the Corporation as he has since its inception but is actively involved in all the daily activities including working side by side with the employees in the shop on a daily basis.  [read more]