We are still the ones to call

March 7, 2024

Unlimited Resources Corporation still remains the company to call when you are looking to buy Used Recycling Equipment for any of your waste reduction needs.  Having been in business now for well over 25 years we have helped solve many of our customer’s needs when it comes to meeting their recycling equipment needs.  Our business motto has always been to treat our customers the way that we would want to be treated if it was us on the other side contacting them for a particular need or requirement.  Our company still remains totally committed to helping meet our customer’s needs in helping to match up the right equipment for their particular applications.  We have a well trained workforce waiting to help guide our customers to the right equipment to meet their particular endeavor.

Our Company has been owned by the same management team for roughly this whole time frame as well.  All three of these individuals have a tremendous amount of experience in working to help our customers get the financing in place to purchase these large, very expensive individual pieces and packages of equipment or complete recycling systems. We definitely have in place the “can do crew” that helps you to feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting your equipment purchased at a fair price and haven’t been subject to having someone taking advantage of you from not understanding the Industry requirements and the value of the equipment that you are needing to purchase.

Our Sales staff offers many years of knowledge.  Elaine Jarvis has been working for us in the Tire Recycling Industry now for over 25 years.  Next we have Danelle Mason, another of our full time employees, who has been working in the Wood Waste Recycling Industry now for over 15 years.  And finally we have Kayla Devenport who has only been here about a year who is working in the Plastics, E-Waste, Aluminum, and Salvage Yards.  This is basically a new group of recycling categories we are starting to work in full time where we had just occasionally offered machines up until this point.

Finally we offer without a doubt one of the most qualified service departments in the Industry.  Our experienced team of service technicians offer countless years of rebuilding and refurbishing all types of Recycling Equipment.  We have one of the nicest, well equipped facilities that we were able to build new around 15 years ago for doing all types of this specialized maintenance on these types of equipment.  We also keep two fully equipped service trucks here that can be dispatched to handle warranty issues and some in field repairs.  We pride ourselves in being able to refurbish all makes (brands), models of U.S. manufactured equipment and some European manufactured equipment.  One thing we do is stay completely away from recycling equipment that has been manufactured in China.  If you’ve had the misfortune to own any of these machines then you know why.  Their quality is not a fraction as good as what we have here in the U.S.  We have many  machines that were manufactured here in the U.S. that we have refurbished here multiple times.  The old saying that you get what you pay for is truly very much something that you can definitely take to the bank in this Industry.

God Bless each of you who have been one of our customers over the past many years and we welcome any and all new potential customers to at least give us a call and let us have a chance to work with you on your next new project.

Richard Duncan,  President