Working in Plastics – Size Reduction Solutions

For the last six weeks Unlimited Resources Corporation has been working on a large best online dating messages system to convert plastic scrap from plastic containers into reusable plastic particles.

The system starts with a shredder that has a ram hopper on it to force the material into the shredder.  Then the material moves by way of a series of conveyors finally to a granulator for fine reduction.

A large double surge bin holds the output from the shredder to allow the shredder to work at capacity without overloading the rest of the system.  A variable speed screw augur controls the feed rate into the granulator.  A magnet will capture any foreign iron based material from the product stream.

Because of space considerations, the material is conveyed from place to place in the system by nine different conveyors.  A blower with duct work attached sends the product into the customer’s storage bins.

With the customer’s space limitations, this has been an interesting engineering problem to move the material in stages from machine to machine instead of simple conveyors long enough to handle the height needed to move material from the floor into a hopper that is over twenty feet off the ground.

The completed system has control panels for the two main machines as well as all the conveyors with start/stops to ensure the smooth flow of material through the system.  After the customer has signed off on the configuration, all the pieces will go to our paint shop for priming and then painting in colors of the customer’s choice.

The final step will be assisting the customer to set all this up on their premises and training their employees in its proper operation and maintenance.

Whether plastic or rubber, if you have an idea of what you want to achieve we can assist you with design and implementation from the planning stages to final installation.  Call one of our can-do customer service folks to talk about your system or equipment needs.