Wood Recycling Equipment

Our Company, Unlimited Resources Corporation, (URC) currently has a couple of very nice pieces of wood recycling equipment for sale. The first is a Vermeer (formerly Wildcat) windrow or compost turner. The model number of this machine is SPB 514 which basically means that it can process a windrow of material that is 5 feet tall by 14 feet wide. This machine seems to be perfect in every way after being completely checked over by our shop. Any and all repairs have been made to the machine and it is ready to be put into operation. This machine only has 896 actual hours of operation and was formerly owned by a municipality. The unit is powered by a John Deere 275 H.P. diesel engine and also has four wheel drive to power the unit through the toughest conditions. You won’t find a cleaner used unit available in this great of condition anywhere in the country priced this competitively @ $92,500. This machine has very cold AC and we just installed a new radio in the unit here in our shop. So please if you’re considering the purchase of a windrow or compost turner give us a call because you definitely won’t be disappointed in this machine. This machine for sure has everything going for it and won’t stay in our inventory very long.

Secondly we currently have a nice used Vermeer model TG 525L Tub Grinder for sale. This unit does have several hours on it and we’re currently going through it in our shop. It has had the whole mill assembly replaced on it along with several other major components that were showing signs of wear. This machine was previously owned by a University before we purchased the machine. Our shop has been doing some major cosmetic repairs to the machine and it will end up having a brand new paint job before it leaves our shop. We had made several repairs to the machine and it seems to be functioning properly in all ways. This machine is a 12’ diameter tub grinder that is equipped with a grapple loader with a tilt cab. This unit is powered by a 525 H.P. CAT 3406 Diesel engine. This machine comes mounted on a very heavy duty triple axle trailer and has a 30” wide X 20’ long discharge conveyor with a magnetic head pulley mounted on it. The machine comes complete with a spare set of screens and several new cutting teeth. This machine would work well for someone who isn’t afraid of a machine with several hours on it because it has been checked completely over and everything seems to be working fine. So if you don’t have the Billfold for one of those late model machines but still need to get the work done then don’t hesitate to buy this machine which is being very competitively priced at $107,500.00.

So if you have the need for any type brand or model of wood recycling equipment then don’t hesitate to give Danelle a call @ 660-295-4204. She has many contacts within this industry and if we don’t currently have the machine in inventory that you require we can more than likely find one that will meet or exceed your needs. Our company is quickly nearing twenty five years of serving the whole waste recycling industry and this milestone will take place in the first quarter of next year. Thanks to all of you that have allowed our company to grow and survive in this industry. As always don’t hesitate to call the (can do crew) at URC when you are needing or looking to purchase your next piece of waste recycling equipment. Down with Covid 19 and lets all get back to work doing all that we can to enhance this sluggish economy of ours. Please help and do all that you can to make America great once again.