Whole Tire Proocessing System by Stages to Crumb Rubber

Let the “can do crew” at Unlimited Resources Corporation “custom build” your whole tire processing system by stages or by phases.  Our experienced staff can custom design and build most any type of https://urcrecycle.com/romantic-night-away-near-me/ system that you have the need for in today’s competitive market place. From the primary shredding of the whole semi-truck and passenger tires all the way down to the production of wire and fiber free 10-40 mesh lgbt speed dating manchester URC is the company to call when you need tire recycling equipment. And many times we have much of this equipment already refurbished in our inventory so you won’t have the major delays generally associated with the purchase of this type of equipment.

We generally try and set up each plant that we “custom build” in stages or phases. This allows you many options on producing many different types of sellable product. Here are the stages or phases that we would typically suggest that our customers consider when they are looking at getting into the tire recycling business.

  • Two inch nominal tire chips (TDF)- This stage of the system could be accomplished by using many different brands of shredders such as Granutech/Saturn, Columbus McKinnon, SSI, Shred Tech, Raptor, Predator, etc. in conjunction with many different brand name and types and styles of sizing screens or classifiers. In this stage of the system you will process whole tires down to 2″-1½” tire chips or what the industry typically calls (TDF) tire derived fuel. This is typically accomplished in what we call a shear dating indonesia and many times we configure the machine so that it has what we call a “split chamber” where we will do the primary shredding and secondary shredding of these tires in a single machine. In the primary cutting chamber (usually around 2/3 of the total cutting chamber area) we will generally use 2″ wide 2 hook knives while in the secondary part of the cutting chamber (the balance of the chamber) we generally use 1 3/8″ wide 12 hook knives for the sizing of the tire chips.
  • ¾”- ½” tire nuggets or mulch- This stage of the system is generally accomplished by using one of the following brands of machines: the Granutech/ Saturn Grizzly, the Columbus McKinnon Liberator, or the Eldan Rasper. Essentially each of these machines performs the same job in that it takes the 2″ tire chips and grinds them down to ¾”- ½” tire pieces where around 85-90 % of the steel is removed by using a cross belt magnet. This process has really become widely used in the past several years and now many TDF customers are requiring their tire chips to be run through one of these machines so that much of the wire can be liberated before it is shipped to them as a final sellable product.
  • ¼”- 3/16” mulch- The next stage or phase of the system would be to take the ¾”- ½” mulch or nugget size material down to ¼”- 3/16” in size. This also can be done with several different brands of granulators such as Granutech, Cumberland, Alsteel, Triple S, Entoleter as well as many other brands. These machines grind the material down until it can go through a screen that meets your size needs. These machines are generally referred to as hog grinders and generally have open rotors for performing this task. Many of these machines would have the capability of producing around 3,500-4,000 lbs per hour of this size product that you could get down to around 97% wire free with the use of another magnet. In some cases some people use a cracker mill to perform this function. We generally use them as a final grind machine in the production of crumb rubber and not at this stage of the system.
  • 10 mesh minus crumb rubber- The final stage or phase of the system would be to produce the crumb rubber. This is done by many different types, styles and brands of granulators. These are generally called closed rotor or fine grind granulators. Granutech/Saturn has a machine they call the Powderizer that several people are using to perform this task as well. And one of the best machines we believe for this application is the cracker mill. There has been a great advance made in these machines that allows them to produce many different friction ratios to accommodate the more efficient sizing of these crumb rubber products. These have because very popular over the past several years and don’t require as much maintenance as many of the other machines require. After running your material through one of these machines you should be able to screen off several different sizes of crumb at this point with the addition of a multiple deck Rotex screen.  Of course any oversize materials would be run back through the machine again to get it down to the size you need.

These are the stages or phases that are generally used in an ambient grind type of crumb rubber system and this is by far the most popular used around the world today. The other method of producing crumb rubber is cryogenic where the 2″ tire chips are frozen by using liquid nitrogen and then run through a hammer mill that shatters the frozen particles.  We’ve not seen very many successful plants of this type operated around the world and we don’t tend to push this type of equipment.

So please contact us here at Unlimited Resources Corporation and let us “custom build” whatever type tire recycling plant that you may need to meet your customer’s needs. We’ve been in business for over fourteen years and would welcome the opportunity to help you with your tire recycling equipment needs.