Waste Tire Recycling Equipment

When you have the need for any and all types of waste tire recycling equipment the place to call is Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC). Our company has been serving this industry for nearly twenty years and we have several people on staff who have worked here for the majority of this time. Our “can do crew” of employees will do their best to help you find the right piece of waste tire recycling equipment to meet your particular tire processing needs. We sell both new and refurbished used waste tire recycling equipment.

Our new line of waste tire recycling equipment is the Raptor brand of equipment and it offers some of the most unique options available on any shear shredders manufactured in the United States or the world today. These shear shredders offer the first ever “lift and swap” rotor assemblies that make knife changing as easy as unbolting a few bolts and lifting out the whole shaft assemblies and dropping in the new rotor assemblies and bolting them back into place. If this sounds like it’s still more work than you like to do then they also offer a complete “lift and swap box assembly” as well which really simplifies the normal day long or longer knife change down to just a couple of hours. These are just a couple of the many unique features these Raptor shredders have to offer that are way ahead of the industry when it comes to time savings and having the most productive machines in the industry.

As for refurbished used waste tire recycling equipment we always have several different brands of equipment available to meet your waste tire recycling equipment needs. Our machines are refurbished to as close to new standards as possible, and many times we have modified these machines to be even better than they were when they were sold new because of weaknesses that we have found and improved on the machines to make them work longer and stronger and stand the test of time in an industry that has a very harsh environment. We have a facility that was built a few years ago with all the amenities needed to make it the ideal environment for refurbishing these types of equipment. And we have several fully equipped service trucks and a staff that is dedicated to keeping all these units up and operational once they’ve been installed and placed into operation.

So the next time you’re looking to purchase any type of waste tire recycling equipment contact the company that has been here to support this industry since nearly its inception. Our whole company was built to service this industry and we work hard to ensure that we’re offering the best waste tire recycling equipment available at the most competitive price available. So if you have the need for any types of waste tire recycling equipment don’t hesitate to call the company that has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs and offering warranties on any and all equipment that has been refurbished in our shop facility.

We truly appreciate all our past customers and many of you have been repeat customers several times over. We have been fortunate enough to have been able to sell waste tire recycling equipment to many different countries around the world. Yes some of these sales have been challenging but we have always loved a good challenge. And in turn have been able to make countless customers who we now have as friends. Yes the internet has made this world a smaller place, but we were selling waste tire recycling equipment overseas even before it was the thing, and most of this was due to “word of mouth”.

Our concept of doing business has always been to treat all our customers as we would want to be treated if we were the ones doing the actual buying, because many times we are the ones doing the buying when we’re purchasing equipment to meet our inventory requirements. So if you have excess waste tire recycling equipment available for sale please don’t hesitate to give us a call and see if we might have interest in purchasing this equipment. If not maybe we can help you get it sold by some sort of broker agreement where we would get a small fee for helping you to sell your excess waste tire recycling equipment.

Also we want to welcome any new customers who have waste tire recycling equipment needs. We strive to get you into the equipment package that most meets you individual needs at a price that is as competitive as possible. Please contact one of our “can do crew” employees for any questions that you might have about your waste tire recycling equipment needs. Our company will also help you source out equipment if we don’t have what you need in inventory. We want to have you as an on-going customer so if we don’t have a particular item that you are searching for we will try and help you locate what you need even if that means you having to purchase it from someone else in the industry.

Finally if we don’t have the answer that you’re looking for to a particular question about the waste tire recycling equipment industry then we will help you find the answer. With all our contacts in the industry we can get you the right answers to even some of the toughest questions in the industry. Most of these questions we will know outright ourselves having been serving this industry for such a long time. So call URC @ 660-295-4204 and let us help you find the right waste tire recycling equipment to meet your needs. We are here to serve you now and have been for almost twenty years and we are planning to be here for as long as everyone continues to support us. Thanks again for all the support over the past nearly twenty years and we also want to thank the Lord for allowing us to operate a business in a Christian manner without stepping on anyone’s personal beliefs or civil liberties.

Don’t forget our company URC is the one to call for all your recycling equipment needs.