URC is the one to call for all your Recycling Equipment needs!!

When it comes to needing any type of Recycling Equipment the first call you need to make is to Unlimited Resources Corporation (“URC”). Our company takes pride in the fact that we’ve now been serving this industry for over twenty years. And we look forward to continuing to serve this industry as long as we have customers interested in purchasing our Recycling Equipment as they have done now for so many years. We want to take this opportunity to thank you our loyal customers that we’ve had the opportunity to sell Recycling Equipment to over the past twenty years. We also want to thank each of you for the support you’ve continued to show to our company by having all the repeat business we’ve had from so many of our loyal customers. And most of all we want to thank you for allowing our business to grow to the point that we were able to build our new office and shop facility a few years back. It has greatly enhanced our ability to not only work more safely and refurbish this Recycling Equipment, but it has also allowed for us to be able to expedite many of the rebuilds that we used to not be properly equipped to handle. With our present facility we feel comfortable in the fact that we can handle any type of Recycling Equipment manufactured in today’s market place.

We operate a very diverse business in that we sell all types, makes, models and brands of Recycling Equipment. We also sell both new and refurbished Recycling Equipment and always have a very large inventory of Recycling Equipment on hand at all times. We of course sell many individual pieces of Recycling Equipment but we also sell complete Recycling systems that are custom built and tested here in our facility before being shipped to your location for installation. When we sell you a piece or Recycling Equipment you can be assured that you are purchasing a machine that has been professionally refurbished and has been test run to be assured the machine will operate properly once it’s installed at your facility.

Our goal at URC now and always has been to treat all our customers as we would want to be treated if we were the ones doing the actual buying. And be assured we always warranty each of the machines that we refurbish here in our shop. We also have two fully equipped service trucks that can be dispatched to your location if the need arises for assistance with installation of your Recycling Equipment or for performing any type of warranty work required on machines that we have sold that aren’t performing as they should. We have a very experienced sales staff as well as service technicians that have been working on these types of Recycling Equipment now for well over fifteen years. So this is why we always say to call one of our “can do crew” here at URC for any and all of your Recycling Equipment needs.

Here is a list of some of the Recycling Equipment that we sell:
Tire Recycling Equipment:
1. Tire Shredders/ Tyre Shredders
2. Shear Shredders
3. Chipper Shredders
4. Secondary Grinders
5. Granulators
6. Crackermills
7. Conveyors- belt, screw auger, drag chain
8. Surge Bins
9. Magnets
10. Screens or Classifiers
11. Dust Collectors
12. Coloring Systems

Wood Recycling Equipment:
1. Horizontal Grinders
2. Tub Grinders
3. Hammermill Grinders
4. Chippers
5. Shear Shredders
6. Screens
7. Windrow Turners or Compost Turners
8. Conveyors
9. Magnets
10. Conveyors
11. Coloring Systems

Ewaste Equipment:Recycling:
1. Shear Shredders
2. Granulators
3. Magnets
4. Conveyors
5. Sorting Systems
6. Picking Stations
7. Dust Collectors
8. Screens

Plastic Recycling Equipment:
1. Shear Shredders
2. Granulators
3. Picking Stations
4. Sorting Systems
5. Screens

So when you have the need for any of the following types of Recycling Equipment make your first call to URC. Our goal now and always has been to serve each of these industries with the best possible quality refurbished Recycling Equipment available in the world at competitive prices. Don’t hesitate to call one of your friends at URC @ 660-295-4204 to find out what we might have to meet your particular Recycling Equipment requirements.