Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC) the ones to call for your Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment needs as well as all types of Recycling Equipment.

When you have the need for any and all types of Tire Recycling and Processing Equipment the first call you should make is to URC. We currently have in inventory a tremendous amount of this type of equipment. In fact we currently have a complete Granutech/ Saturn Model 62 X 40HT shredding system that is designed to produce a 2” TDF tire chip out of whole semi-truck and passenger tires at a rate of around 4-5 tons per hour and this is currently set up in conjunction with a Granutech/Saturn Model M-50 Grizzly which is set up to produce a 1” TDF chip with 75-80% of the wire removed. This whole system is very attractively priced and represents one of the greatest values in the Tire Recycling & Processing equipment industry today. Please call for more information and a detailed equipment list of what makes up this complete whole tire down to 1” TDF tire chip system.

We also have a slightly used Model R-162 Raptor shredding system for sale. This system offers a tremendous opportunity to purchase what we think is the best shredder manufactured in the United States today at a discounted price. This shredder has been through our shop and checked over and except for needing new knives it really looks the same as new. This Model R 162 Raptor shredder is set up in conjunction with an Action Equipment 4’ wide X 30’ long vibratory screen or classifier and we have recently completely refurbished this screen and it is waiting to be painted at this time. We will then need to order a new set of finger screens depending on the size material that you need to produce. In addition to this we will need to custom build three conveyors to compete making this into a whole tire down to TDF tire chip shredding system.

We also have a Model 72 X 44HT Granutech/Saturn shredder which we have nearly completely refurbished at this present time. We have managed to increase the torque on this particular shredder considerably by first using high out-put SAI hydraulic motors and then we were able to find (2) late model 200 H.P. hydraulic power pac’s that operate at 5000 lbs. of pressure as compared to the factory 300 H.P. hydraulic power pack which only operates at 3000 lbs. of pressure. This will allow this shredder to easily process large semi-truck tires and super singles. Along with this shredder we have custom built a new 5’wide X 12’ long Rotary Disc Screen Classifier. This large disc screen with allow for the sizing of these tire pieces down to 2” nominal TDF. Along with these two pieces of equipment we would need to custom build five conveyor belts of different widths and lengths. This would allow you to have a complete high capacity 2” TDF nominal tire chip shredding system.

In addition to these above listed complete shredding systems we currently have in inventory, we also have many other individual pieces of Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment. These include two Model M-80 Granutech/Saturn secondary grinders used to take the 2” tire chips down to ¾”- ½” size mulch. We also have many Granulators that will take this ¾” mulch on down to ¼” minus material. These include a Model 3250 Cumberland, a Model 50H Cumberland, and a pair of Model 3049 Alsteel/ Entoleter units and finally a Model 50F Cumberland which will take the ¼” minus material on down in size to 8-10 mesh size crumb rubber. Note all of these Granulators have either been completely refurbished or we are currently in the process of refurbishing them in our shop.

Finally we have lots of additional Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment available including crackermills, tire shears, rim crushers, bead pullers, tire cutters, screens or classifiers, cyclones, dust collectors, tire balers, tire wire balers and the list goes on and on. So the next time you have the need for any type of Tire Recycling & Processing Equipment call Elaine or Richard, part of the “can do crew” at URC 660-295-4204. And don’t forget we are always interested in buying individual pieces of recycling equipment or complete recycling systems that you have excess to your needs. For any of your Recycling Equipment needs whether it’s an individual piece or a complete system call Unlimited Resources Corporation, the ones who have been serving the industry for nearly twenty years. Remember we treat all our customers like we would want to be treated if we were the ones doing the buying.