Tub Grinders – Wood Waste Solutions

Unlimited Resources Corporation has been refurbishing and selling tub grinders for more than a decade.  Tub grinders were originally fairly small, low power machines used for grinding hay. Over time people noticed that tub grinders could be used to reduce all kinds of wood waste to smaller particles.  Mulch is a common product of tub grinders.  This may be colored by a coloring unit to create a very attractive consumer mulch such as you can find at your local farm or garden store.

Tub grinders are ideal for large volume grinding of wood waste. Pallets, yard waste, construction and demolition debris, land clearing timber, leaves, and most other types of wood waste are all candidates for reduction in a tub grinder. One condition that should be taken into account is that the waste stream being ground should do not contain concrete, metal, or other hard to break down items that would damage the mill.

In recent years tub grinders with 15 foot tubs and 1000 HP engines have become common.  These high production machines can cost in excess of half a million dollars new.  But their baby brothers, the eight foot, ten foot, twelve foot and so on do the same thing for smaller volumes and smaller input material.  The landscaper who just wants to clean up small trees or stumps or yard waste may be able to get by with a machine that costs less than $50,000.

A good used machine such as the fully refurbished machines from Unlimited Resources Corporation can offer all the functionality of new machines at a fraction of the cost of a new big church dating site. Unlimited Resources Corporation sells Morbark, WHO, Vermeer, Diamond Z as well as other brands of good used or refurbished tub grinders.