Need a Tub Grinder, Horizontal Grinder, Tire Shredder? Take Advantage of Sect. 179 while you still can!

Are you outgrowing that old piece of equipment?
Are you thinking about expanding your business?
Are you thinking about getting into the recycling business?
Are you in the market for a Tire shredder, Tub grinder, Horizontal grinder, Screen, or some other type of Recycling equipment?

Better Act Now!!!! 2012 is the year to do it!

Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code has been around a while. It is the rule that allows you to write off a certain amount of business equipment in the year of purchase instead of depreciating it over its useful life. It should be $25,000 this year, but special tax breaks to spur business were passed in 2010 that expand that to $139,000 for 2012.

Section 179 is scheduled to drop back to $25,000 for 2013. Buy now to take advantage of this special extra deduction limit. Let your tax savings pay the first year of your lease or loan payments.

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