Tire Wire Baler

We just finished checking this machine over in our shop and made several improvements to enhance the operation of the unit. We test ran the machine and produced several bales and after getting it properly adjusted we were able to make a very consistent size and weight bale. Note: the bales we were producing were 10″ X 10″ X 13″ in size and weighed 30 lbs. Of course
this will vary with the amount of rubber you have in your wire as well as the size wire you are trying to bale.

This machine works and performs the same job as the Wendt tire wire balers that sell for over $200,000. Of course it’s not as automated but in the end you can produce a bale that is very comparable to the ones produced by the Wendt baler.  Although it may be a little more labor intensive to operate, this machine offers a tremendous savings over purchasing a new machine to make the same or very similar sized bale.

This machine is powered by a 25 H.P. electric motor that drives the hydraulic pumps and everything is then operated hydraulically through electrical pressure valves and relays. This unit comes complete with all the electrical controls needed to operate.