Tire Shredding or Waste Tire Recycling or Scrap Tire Shredding or Recycling or Processing

Our company, Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC), has been serving this industry for almost twenty years. We have sold countless machines for tire shredding or tire recycling over this period of time to many different individuals and companies. And we have had the fortune to be able to sell multiple machines to many of our customers so hopefully we have been doing something right for all these years.

Tire shredding is not an easy business by any means and like any other business it requires a great deal of study and homework on the front end as well as a lot of hard work once you’re in business and up and operational. We always try and spend a lot of time with new potential clients looking to get into this business to make sure we’ve cautioned them on all the pitfalls the industry has to offer. And we always try and make them aware if we think that their chosen location can handle another competitor being in the business. We’ve always worked hard to provide all potential individuals or businesses with all the information we have available to help make them succeed in this industry. Our way of doing business now and always has been is to treat everyone the way we would want to be treated if we were doing the buying or starting a new business.

When someone is looking to get into the tire shredding business we always recommend they first make a trip to our location to see the types of equipment that it requires to shred tires. We usually have several different brands or makes and models of shredders in inventory at our location. And we can normally demonstrate one of these units in operation for them to see first-hand how this type of equipment operates. There are many different brands of shredders that currently are being manufactured and some of these are Raptor®, Granutech/Saturn® or Mac-Saturn®, SSI®, Columbus McKinnon®, Artech®, Barclay®, Jordan Reduction Solutions®, Shred Tech®, Komar®, American Pulverizer®, and BCA®, and these are just the ones manufactured on the North American continent. Of course there are many other manufacturers of tire shredders today around the world and some of these are Eldan®, MTB®, Eco-Green®, Kahl®, Untha®, and Van Aarsen®. Some of the previous manufacturers of shredders here in the United States are Eidal®, Shred Pac®, Tri-C®, Garbalizer®, Excel®, and Mitts & Merrell® just to list a few and many of these machines are still being operated today.

There are many manufacturers of tire recycling equipment now showing up in China, but we still haven’t seen anything near the quality of equipment that is manufactured here in the United States. The customers we have talked to who bought some of these Chinese machines tell us they basically self destruct in a short time. They seem to work fairly well when new but once they get a little wear on them there is nothing much left to rebuild. Do your homework. Some of the people who bought these simply lost their entire investment when the machines wore out, unlike the U.S. built machines which can be put back to good operating condition even after extended use.

We also recommend to potential entrants into this industry that they need to purchase the latest edition of The Scrap Tire & Rubber Users Directory because it is more or less the BIBLE of this industry. There is so much information available in this single source that we truly feel that it really helps to get people thinking in the proper mode when considering getting in this business. Also it gives them a good idea of who their competition might be once they are up in operation. This publication keeps track of our industry here in the United States but also around the world.

Another publication that these same people provide to our industry is Scrap Tire News, a monthly publication that provides news and developments of what’s taking place in the scrap tire and scrap rubber recycling industry here in the United States as well as around the world. You can contact Mary & Michael Sikora about getting either one or both of these publications at 571-258-0500.

So when you have the need for a tire shredder or any type of tire recycling equipment make your first and only call to URC. Also if you are looking for a complete whole tire down to crumb rubber system don’t forget to call Elaine, one of our “can do crew” with URC at 660-295-4204. Don’t forget that the ones to call for any and all types of recycling equipment are URC. Finally if and when you ever have excess recycling equipment available for sale please give us a call because we purchase individual pieces or complete plants.