“The ones to call for all your recycling equipment needs” We Buy, We Sell, We Trade, We Broker

URC or Unlimited Resources Corporation has become unique to the industry in that we offer many services that are not common in today’s market place.  This blog addresses a few of the services we offer that set us apart from the rest of the industry for dating would you rather questions, canadian single ladies or happn dating sites or other waste recycling needs.

URC has over fifteen years of service to the Recycling Equipment Industry.  And many of the things that we brought to this Industry back when we first started nearly sixteen years ago have been tried to be copied by other companies.  Yet we remain the only one which works all sides of the business in order to meet all our customer’s needs.  When we say that we buy, we sell, we trade and we broker, these are things we do all the time.  It’s not just a one-time thing.  We do these as a part of our ongoing business on a daily basis.  We strive to keep you our customers up to date on what’s available in the today’s market place as far as Recycling Equipment.

We Buy:  We do this all the time and we generally have well over two million dollars worth of Recycling Equipment in inventory at any given time.  And presently we have well over three million dollars worth of Recycling Equipment inventory on hand because we recently finished the tear down of a complete whole tire to crumb rubber processing facility.  Of course much of this inventory has been run through our shop and has been completely refurbished.  We also have many pieces of equipment that we will offer to sell “as is” or that we will be running through our shop at a later date.

Buying is not something that is new to us.  We usually own well over 80% of the items we sell in any given year.  We have been buying equipment individual pieces as well as complete plants since the time that we started our business.  Of course as with any other business there are times when we don’t have the cash to buy the equipment you might have for sale.  So when we say that “we buy” Recycling Equipment this means just that we generally own anything that we’re trying to market.  Of course there are always exceptions to the rules and in some cases we might have a machine here on consignment or perhaps we don’t have exactly what you are needing in the way of a piece of equipment.  Then we try to help you find this piece of equipment.

At URC we have a very experienced staff that we call the “can do crew” and this basically means that we haave people that have worked in the Recycling Equipment Industry for over fifteen years and we not only understand how the equipment operates we understand how you the operators of this equipment expect the equipment to operate.  So yes we are always looking to buy good used Recycling Equipment to meet our customer’s needs.  We are and have always been the premier player in the used recycling equipment sales industry.  Others might claim to offer similar services as ours but just ask around the industry and you will find that our company has always strived to treat each of our customers fairly.  We continue to look at each transaction with the same basic strategy as always and that is that we want to treat our customers like we would want to be treaded if it was us doing the buying.

We Sell:  It goes without saying that we couldn’t stay in business if we didn’t sell Recycling Equipment  Where we feel we stand above the rest of the Industry in this is that we try and put ourselves in your shoes to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible on your purchase. Our company tries to make sure the piece of equipment we’re selling to you will do the job that you are needing done.  If for some reason you might get a machine that’s not working properly then we will do our best to trade you into a machine that better meets your needs.  We try and put ourselves in your shoes because many times it is us on the other end.

Our goal today as it’s been since our beginning over fifteen years ago is to treat each of our customers with nothing but respect.  We want and expect each transaction to be a win-win situation for you our customer and for URC as well.  We look forward to being able to sell you another item later down the road and we know here at URC that the only way we can do this is to treat you right each time you purchase from us.  We never consider a sale a one-time thing.  We want you happy with your purchase so when the times comes for you to buy again you will call us instead of our competitors.

Someone I used to work for told me one time that a new fool is born every second.  Well this might be the case but we here at URC try and do our best to help educate anyone thinking about starting a business in this industry.  And many times we lose sales because of this, but we feel that it’s very important that we try our best to make people understand the up’s and down’s of these businesses.  We think that we’d be doing you a serious disservice if we didn’t take the time to try and explain all these critical things to you about these industries.

So if you think you might be interested in starting a business in the waste tire processing or in one of the other waste recycling industries, call us.  Or maybe you are just thinking about starting a new business and you’d like to have some information to see if this might be something that you’d want to pursue.  Our “can do crew” here at URC will be glad to help you get the answers to any questions you might have about any of these waste recycling industries.  And if we don’t know the answers we will for sure point you in the right direction.

We Trade: URC also stands at the fore front of taking machines in on trade.  This is not something that we’ve just started doing.  We’ve been doing this since we first started in business.  We have always taken any machine we’ve sold that has been refurbished by our shop in on trade, offering top dollar. In many instances we’ve taken in many other pieces of equipment that we didn’t even know any of the history on.

Our shop understands what can and does go wrong with all these many types, models, and brands of Recycling Equipment.  And we never take a machine not expecting to completely go through the machine before we offer it for sale again. Many times we will sell someone a machine and as their business grows they need to get a larger machine and we have always helped people make the next step up by taking their smaller machine in on trade.  We have watched many people grow their businesses this way and we’ve always encouraged each of our potential new customers to first walk before they try and run.

We encourage folks to start small and understand each part of the business as they continue to grow over the years.  We’ve found the success rate on these type businesses to be much greater than on someone who thinks they know it all and goes out and buys the best and biggest equipment available only to find out that they don’t have enough tires or other raw material in their area to support a business of this size.  So we’ve always encouraged our customers to buy very conservatively the first time around with the understanding that we will be more than happy to take their equipment back in on trade for something that better meets their current needs.  And this has even meant us taking larger machines in on trade for smaller ones.  So we encourage you to give us a call and let us tell you if we are interested in taking your equipment in on trade toward the purchase of something that we might have in inventory.  You have nothing to lose but a phone call.

We Broker: URC has been involved in many broker transactions over the past fifteen years. By far the majority of them have worked well for both the Seller and the Buyer as well as for us the Broker in these situations.

We provide this service to the industry because when people call us needing a specific item and we don’t have it we often know someone who might have a piece of equipment like this or something very similar that the are looking to dispose of.  We try our best to stay in contact with everyone in the recycling industry on a regular basis.  Our goal here at URC has always been to provide whatever service we can to the recycling industry so that the industry along with our own business will continue to proper and grow.

We continually try to perfect the way for a proper broker arrangement or agreement to work but is still comes down to the fact that there has to be trust and honesty involved in each transaction with all parties; the seller, the buyer and the broker.  We try very hard to make sure we know as much about the piece of equipment as possible from the seller before we will ever contact the buyer about the possible availability of a piece of equipment that they might be looking to purchase.  Our company in these situations works kind of like a preacher in that we put the buyer directly in contact with the seller and let them talk directly with each other about the worthiness of the equipment so that we don’t get any of the details misrepresented.

We always encourage the buyer to go and look at the equipment before they purchase it and generally when they do this we find out they are generally happy with their purchase.  But of course you always have people that think they are too busy to take a little time to go and inspect the equipment and this is where we generally find the unhappy buyers.  We feel it is critical for buyers to go and inspect the machine for themselves because in broker situations we don’t go out and look at these pieces of equipment because our fee is too small to warrant taking the time and costs associated with making these inspections.  Also since our company has not done the rebuild on the machine we can’t be expected to know the condition of the machine by just looking at pictures of videos of it operating.

If you’d like us to try and help you market a piece of equipment we’d be more than happy to try to find someone who might be interested in purchasing the equipment from you.  Or if you’re looking to purchase a particular piece of recycling equipment we will be happy to try and help you find a piece of equipment that will meet your needs.  Our “can do crew” here at URC will work for you the seller or you the buyer and will do all that we can to make sure that each of you are getting a good deal.

Whether you need to Buy, Sell, Trade, or you just want us to Broker your equipment, call Richard, Elaine or Danelle at 660-295-4204 and put us to work for you.