Recycling of Scrap Tires by any Name, and Equipment to do it

Several of the more commonly used names for the recycling of scrap tires are: Waste Tire Recycling, Scrap Tire Processing, Stock Pile Tire Cleanup Programs or Projects, Abandoned Tire Clean Up Programs or Projects, Tire Remediation Programs or Projects, Waste Tire Management Program, Scrap Tire Recycling, Waste Tire Remediation, Waste Tyre Recycling, Scrap Tyre Recycling

Our Company Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC) currently has for sale a refurbished Tire Resources Systems, Inc. Eagle Tuff-Cut tire cutter. This unit has just been refurbished through our shop and given a new paint job and a new set of decals. This particular Eagle Tuff-cut is a portable version of the machine and it is equipped with a 23 H.P. Isuzu diesel motor. This machine looks and performs just like new and it will process tires up to 23.5 /25, 12 Ply in size. This machine will allow you to cut two or three tires at a time yielding 60-70 semi-truck tires per hour or 120-150 passenger tires per hour. The Eagle Tuff-Cut comes standard with a tire lift and rollers to help handle the larger tires. These machines work well for ustomers needing to quarter their tires for landfilling or for customers needing to cut tires down in size for the shredder to better handle them.

Our Shop is also in the process of completely refurbishing a Tire Resources Systems, Inc. Eagle Truck Tire Debeader. The Eagle Truck Tire Debeader we have is a stationary machine and it is powered by a 60 H.P. 3-phase 480-volt electric motor. The Eagle Truck Tire Debeader removes the beads from semi-truck tires and makes them a whole lot easier for the shredder to process. The removal of the bead wire prior to shredding allows for a cleaner end product and provides less wear on all the shredder moving parts. It also cuts down on expensive maintenance down time. A well-trained operator should be able to debead 70-80 semi-truck tires per hour. The Eagle Truck Tire Debeader advantages are that they reduce the amount of money spent on blade reconditioning or replacement costs by up to 50%, reduce lost production time for blade replacement by up to 50% and reduce the power consumption used by your shredder by an estimated 25%. The Eagle Truck Tire Debeader will also add an additional income source to your business with the sale of the 8-10 lbs. of recycled steel pulled out of the tires. Also it improves the value of the rubber processed at your location because of all the steel that has been removed.

(URC) has all kinds of Scrap Tire Recycling Equipment for sale. We always have many different makes and models of shear shredders available for sale. And don’t forget we are the dealer representative for the Raptor brand of new shear shredders. We generally have tire chippers in stock and we currently have a completely re-furbished Columbus McKinnon with the new style hardened rotors that make these machines a much more durable and lower maintenance machine to operate. We can custom build any make or model of shear shredder into a chipper with proper notice. And of course we offer the Raptor brand of new tire chippers. We also always have secondary grinders for sale like the Granutech/Saturn Grizzly, or the Eldan Rasper, or the Raptor brand of new tire grinders. We always have several different sizes and makes of Granulators in our inventory. We generally have several different sizes, types and makes of screens available in our inventory as well. Some of these brands are Mill-power, Action, Bulk Handling Systems, and Rotex as well as Custom Built rotary disc screens that we manufacture ourselves in several different sizes. We of course also have the Raptor brand of new vibratory and rotary disc screens for sale as well.

(URC) maintains one of the largest inventories of good waste tire recycling equipment in the world. We strive to not only have the machines in stock, but we try and keep many of these refurbished and ready to ship to your location and be put to work immediately. We currently have in inventory a whole tire down to 1” TDF waste tire recycling system ready to ship and be put into immediate operation. Also we have a couple of other whole tire down to 2” TDF waste tire recycling systems that we could have ready to ship within a few weeks. So whether you need a single piece of waste tire recycling equipment or a complete system don’t hesitate to call your “can do crew” @ (URC) with nearly twenty years of service to the Scrap Waste Tire Recycling Industry. Our business is to keep your company up and operating because without you we don’t have any business. Call Elaine or Richard @ 660-295-4204 for more details and information on what equipment we currently have available for sale and don’t forget we’re always looking to purchase good used packages of Recycling Equipment.