Recycling Equipment News – Interesting Times

It has been an interesting couple of years in the recycling equipment industry.  During the pandemic many customers were reluctant to buy, not knowing how much their business would be affected.  We built up a large inventory of equipment during that time but had very low sales.

The last six months of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022 were a complete reversal.  We sold almost all of our shredders plus several other recycling machines.  Since that time we have been unable to quickly provide machines for certain applications.  Out shop has been extremely busy though, including putting on more mechanics. 

As a result, we now have several machines ready, or nearly ready, to ship.  I say nearly ready because we design systems to the requirements of the customer so most machines take a while to finish.  We add classifiers, build conveyors, hoppers and other pieces so the machine will do what the customer needs done.  The design is done by our founder who works closely with customers not just to get them what they think they want but almost always suggesting layouts and abilities that are what the customer needs for their application.

We do not sell machines into applications for which they are not designed.  Our success depends on the success of our customers so we want them to succeed.  We provide setup assistance and training of the customer’s staff on site to insure the systems work right and that the employees who will be running it know how to operate and maintain it.

We also provide timely assistance when a customer experiences any problems.  If there is a problem we can’t solve over the phone we send a technician to the site to assist. In many cases we have loaned shredder endplates, motors, gearboxes and other items to get customers up and running while they wait for parts from vendors.  We try to keep many common items in our inventory since supply issues have become quite serious.  We are finding lead times on items like gearboxes can run six months if we are lucky but often even longer.

If you have a shredding application and are in search of a solution, please give us a call and speak to one of our sales people or the owner.  We will more than happy to assist you.

Call us at 660-295-4204.