Portable Tire Shredder a must for Tire Pile Cleanups

With the high price of fuel these days, transporting whole tires over any distance is very costly. That is why most Tire recycler’s today uses a portable tire shredder when cleaning up a tire site. Reducing the whole tire down to a primary shred or 2” nominal tire chip allows the Tire Recycler to transport more per trailer load without loss of air space thus increasing their profit margin.

Here at URC we sell many types of tire shredders, including portable tire shredders. We currently have IDM Raptor, Granutech Saturn, and SSI portable shredders available. We have portable tire shredders that will take whole tires down to a 2” nominal tire chip. These shredders come with a diesel generator/power pack, infeed and outfeed conveyors, and a screen for sizing. We also have shredders that shred whole tires down to just a primary shred. These come with a diesel generator/power pack, infeed, and outfeed conveyors. We also can custom design you a shredder to fit your particular needs.

The push to cleanup the environment has most states doing just that. All the abandoned tire pile sites in the U.S. over the last 10-20 years are slowly being reduced. Most states have put a $1-$2 tire disposal fee on every new passenger or light truck tire sold in their state. The money the states have raised from these fees has allowed them to cleanup a lot of their abandoned tire sites. Let URC provide you with a good used or ‘New’ Portable Tire Shredder to help you increase your profits.