Pilao Refining Mills Wet Grind System

Pilao Refining MillPilao Refining MillPilao Refining Mill We recently acquired a whole tire recycling plant in Texas. Along with this acquistion of equipment, we obtained the majority of a “wet grind” system as part of the package. Most people know that the only practical way there is to produce either 100 mesh – 200 mesh crumb rubber is by using a “wet grind” system. The price for this sized material is unbelievable compared to what people are currently selling 30-40 mesh crumb rubber. If you are looking to diversify your business, this is your chance to purchase the majority of the equipment needed to setup a “wet grind” system for only pennies on the dollar to what similar equipment would cost new today.
This system consists of eleven used Pilao refining or attrition mills (see detailed drawing and pictures). We have two different sizes of these mills. We have five of the 17” Pilao mills. All but one of these has 200-250 h.p. electric motors, and come mounted on large heavy-duty steel frames. We have six of the 20” Pilao mills. Four of these are complete with 300-350 h.p. electric motors and come mounted on large heavy-duty steel frames. The other two 20” mills are missing the electric motors but are mounted on steel frames. Also included is another 17” Pilao mill and 20” Pilao mill that doesn’t have the electric motors or frames. We have some of the pumps used to pump the rubber slurry mixture, and also a large special holding tank with valves and level indicators. In addition to these mills we have half a semi-trailer full of new grinding stones for the two different sizes of mills.
Note: We do not have any of the drying equipment needed to dry the rubber once it has been processed down to the smaller size mesh material. Otherwise most of the equipment needed to operate a “wet grind” system except piping & valves should be here with this package of equipment. This equipment was never operated at the plant in Texas. It was only being stored on site. Our knowledge of this equipment is very limited other than, it all originated out of the Rouse Rubber Company in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
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