Now is the Time to Buy that Recycling Equipment

Don’t miss out on this perfect time to purchase used late model Waste Recycling Equipment.

Our Company, Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC), currently has a large selection of used late model Waste Recycling Equipment available for sale.  Many pieces have been already refurbished and others are still waiting to be run through our shop to ensure that they perform properly once they are on your site.  Our company will soon be celebrating twenty five years of buying, selling, and brokering all types, brands, makes, and models of used Waste Recycling Equipment.  We’ve been around the Industry long enough to know what it requires to survive in this small niche market place.  We take great pride in all the friends that we’ve worked with along the way and always enjoy visiting with them on what is taking place within this unique Industry.

So whether you’re looking for Recycling Equipment to process waste scrap tires, metal or plastic drums, e-waste, or maybe looking for a Tubgrinder to process wood waste or a windrow turner to process compost the first call that you need to make is to the experienced sales staff at URC.  Our (can do crew) can help you find the equipment that you need to perform the job that you are wanting done.  Our trained staff has all been here for many years and if we don’t have the equipment you need in our present inventory then we will most definitely be able to point you in the right direction.   

Also you can be assured of getting good quality equipment that our trained shop employees have checked over and test ran before it’s shipped to your location for your use.  Many of these pieces of equipment will have been completely refurbished and will have limited warranties offered on them to make the buyer more comfortable with their purchase.  On many of our sales we will have one of our shop technicians come to your site and make sure the equipment is properly installed and performs the way it is supposed to to ensure our customers satisfaction.  Our goal is to offer equipment that will provide you with the best processed materials at the best possible price in the industry. 

So don’t even consider buying Waste Recycling Equipment that has been manufactured in China for the tire industry because we get examples over and over from people in the industry that it will not stand up to the harsh environment this Industry has to offer.  Yes it might offer a better initial price up front than equipment manufactured in the United States, Canada or Europe.  But always remember the saying you get what you pay for and that’s most definitely the case with this type of equipment.  For some reason the quality of the steel used in the manufacturing process in China has trouble standing up to the hard application that is generally associated with the waste scrap tire recycling industry. 

Here at URC we will always try and treat our customers as we would want to be treated if it was us doing the buying.  Without a doubt our company has one of the best reputations in the Industry and it stems from our ability to be able to offer service after the sale!  And because we make sure that our customers are getting what they are paying for.  We strive to keep our customers happy and have been working with many of the same individuals since we first started our business nearly twenty five years ago.  So the first and only call you need to make when you’re looking for good used late model Waste Recycling Equipment is URC.