Multi-Vac Model 7500

Multi-Vac 7500Multi-Vac 7500This is a very unique piece of equipment that is used in many Industries for the cleaning up of spills. In essence this machine is a very large Vaccum cleaner that was designed to be moved from one location to another.  The one that we have is mounted on rubber tires for transporting down the highway or mounted on rail to be used for clean ups around railroad unloading sites or derailments. This unit was purchased brand new in 1997 by a major power generating station.  This machine is powered by 460 volt electric.  Power to operate this equipment would have to be furnished by an outside source because it doesn’t have its own generating capacity. This unit has a 75 Horsepower electric motor and it produces a Max Vacuum of 15” HG.

This machine would work well in the handling of Abrasives, Alumina, Aluminum Scrap, Asbestos, Ash, Bark, Brick, Carbon Black, Catalysts, Cement, Ceramic Particles, Chemicals, Clay, Clinker, Coal, Cullet, Dust, Fertilizer, Flour, Grains, Lead Oxide, Limestone,Liquids, Metal Chips, Mill Scale, Mineral Wool, Ore Pellets, Oxides, Paper, Plastic Pellets, Refractories, Rocks, Sand, Sawdust, Shot & Grit, Slag, Slurries, Vermiculite, Wood chips