Multi-Purpose Shear Shredders-Not Just for Tires

Most of the shear shredders that are manufactured here in the USA are what we call multi-purpose shredders. This means they are capable of hredding many different types of materials for size reduction. Of course with each of these different materials you generally have to make some modifications to either the hopper or the way you have the knives configured in the cutting chamber of the shredder. So generally you just can’t switch from one material to another without a little preparation time between the materials to make the needed modifications to the shredder so it will properly shred the material.

Of course the most popular thing these salams dating app have been shredding now for many years is waste tires.  We’ve seen these shear shredders become really popular over the past twenty years because of all the state mandated waste tire site clean–up projects that have been done.  And of course many of these clean-up sites have been very remote and it has required these shredders to be made into mobile or portable machines that are operated by large generator sets because of the lack of 3 phase electricity being available near many of these sites.  Also many states originally only required the tires to be primarily shred so that they wouldn’t hold water.  So there still remain many sites around the country that will have to be re-visited at a later time to completely dispose of these tires properly into a useable product like TDF, daily landfill cover, decorative mulch, sports running surface materials, and crumb rubber.

There are many different brands of these multi-purpose machines that are or have been manufactured in the United States over the past several years.  Here is just a few of the more popular ones that we’ve been able to work on over the past fifteen years Granutech/Saturn or Mac-Saturn, SSI or Shredding Systems Incorporated, American Pulversior, Jordan Reduction Technologies, Shred Tech, Shred Pac, Eidal, & Mitts & Merrell.  Some of these are no longer manufactured and have been taken over by other companies or just been allowed to fade away into the sunset.

Machines from these companies all have the ability to shred many other products like wood waste, pallets, white goods, fiberglass, light metals, wire, plastic, aluminum, drums (plastic & steel), MSW, paper, carpet, e-waste etc.

Our focus here is that many people over the years that have purchased a shredder to do the shredding of tires has turned around and sold it to someone else for the shredding of other materials other than tires.  The shear shredder that was more or less designed for the shredding of tires has now involved into a machine that is used on a daily basis in the reduction of many different types of wastes. This tends to make these machines hold their re-sale values higher than what we’d see in a typical single purpose machine.  These shear shredders can quite possibly be adapted to many other uses as time goes forward.

Unlimited Resources Corporation has been refurbishing all of these different brand shredders for over fifteen years.  We recently built a new shop and office facility and now have one of the best equipped rebuild shops in the industry.  We take pride in refurbishing machines to be in as good or better condition than they were when they were shipped new.  In fact many times we will address weaknesses we‘ve found in many of these machines and will make changes to these machines that make them more productive and longer lasting than they were originally from the factory.  So when the
time comes to purchase your first shredder or maybe your sixth machine call the “can do crew” at URC for all your Recycling Equipment needs.  Yes we’ve sold six different shredders to the same customer so we must be doing something right.  In fact we’re presently negotiating with him for the purchase of yet another machine, his seventh, with the understanding that we will help him market one of his present machines as part of the purchase.

So we would advise anyone who is thinking about purchasing a shear shredder to make sure that the machine they are considering purchasing meets the criteria of being a multi-purpose shredder as we have tried to outline above.  And yes some of these shredders are better than others but as long as you purchase a machine that has been manufactured here in the USA you will be assured of a quality product that will stand the test of time unlike some of the shredders that we’ve seen that are being manufactured overseas and especially in China.

A new line of shredders which definitely meets the criteria for being a multi-purpose shear shredder is the IDM (Raptor) brand of shredders.  These Raptor shredders have many unique user friendly features that are causing quite a stir in the Tire Shredding Industry.  We have seen these machines operating and know that they are quite impressive to say the least.  And the “lift out rotor design” they are using on their machines sure makes one wonder why this was so long coming to the industry.  We truly believe that this Raptor line of shredders is really going to make a tremendous showing
over the next several years as far as market place share.  We also know that the Raptor line of recycling equipment goes beyond just being shredders to offering many other items to allow them to offer complete systems.

Please if you’re looking to purchase a shredder or any type of please call the company that stands above the crowd, URC.  Our company offers warranties on all machines that have been refurbished in
our shop.  And we also offer “service after the sale” on machines that we have refurbished after the warranty period has expired. Our goal now as it always has been is to treat each of our customers as we’d want to be treated if it was us doing the buying.

We want your business and truly appreciate all our past customers and look forward to serving this industry going forward.

Please call Elaine and or Richard about your Tire Recycling Equipment needs or Danelle for all your Wood Recycling Equipment needs.  If we don’t have in inventory the item you need we will do our best to help you find the recycling equipment you need at the best possible price. Call 800-423-9062 or 660-295-4204.