Making the Best Better in Tire Shredding Equipment

Unlimited Resources Corporation currently has three Columbus McKinnon private dating online in inventory that we have had modified to have hardened heat treated rotors in them. We have found these hardened heat treated rotors to be much more durable than the normal mild steel rotors that are in the machines when there built new and shipped from the factory. These rotors offer a much more durable knife seat area that stands up much better to having a knife broken out of the machine. Also they stand up better because we not only built our rotors out of heat treated 4140 steel but we’ve also chosen to insert all of the bolt holes on the rotors with replaceable 4140 hardened steel inserts. This allows for any repairs that need to be made to the rotors to be made instantly by simply screwing out the old insert and screwing in a new insert. No more having to weld up the holes and drill and tap the holes out and maybe you get good threads. (Many times you don’t!)

We have tried to address some of the weaknesses we’ve found in these shredders because they are without a doubt some of the most productive machines in the industry today. Also we have configured these machines to have the cascading rotor arrangements so this allows you to use your knives over again and again. With this configuration if you purchased both a primary Columbus McKinnon two speed shredder and a Columbus McKinnon chipper together you would be able to use the same knife for a total of six times by simply Blanchard grinding the knife down to the next size in between knife changes. This cuts your knife replacement cost substantially over the life of the machine because you can usually Blanchard grind one of these knifes for around $4.50-$6.00 compared to having to purchase a new knife at around $23.00-$25.00.

We currently have one primary Columbus McKinnon two speed shredder in inventory with 2.2, 2.1 and 2.0 cascading rotor arrangement. In addition we have one new style Columbus McKinnon chipper with the direct mounted Nord gear box and 200 H.P. electric motor and this unit has the 2.2, 2.1 and 2.0 cascading rotor arrangement. We also have one of the older style Columbus McKinnon chippers with the remote mounted and belt driven Dodge gearbox. We have replaced the electric motor with a 250 H.P. 1150 rpm motor to allow this machine to work great as a primary passenger tire shredder as well. This machine has the 1.9, 1.8 and 1.7 cascading rotor arrangement.

We truly believe that with these changes being made to these machines they will be much more user friendly to operate and will stand the test of time much better than what we’ve seen their predecessors be able to do. Our goal was to take one of the most productive machines in the industry and make it considerably less maintenance intensive.

We have gotten considerable feed back from the machines that we’ve already sold with these up-dates already made, and customers love the changes that we’ve made to the machines. So if you’re looking to purchase a Columbus McKinnon match free dating site or chipper please check with us before you purchase a machine and let us show you our improvements and let you talk to someone who is operating one of these machines with these current improvements already in place. All of us at Unlimited Resources Corporation think you will be impressed with these changes and hope you will call to find out more information on the cost savings of owning and operating one of these retro-fitted machines. Call 800-423-9062 today and ask for either Richard or Elaine for more details. Our one and only goal was to take one of the best shredders in the market place and make it even better!!