Landscape Material from Recycled Tires

Unlimited Resources Corporation was recently contacted by a customer who wanted to add to his tire shredding business by installing a system to take his product smaller. We designed a system utilizing a Granutech M80 Grizzly and Rotex screen to reduce the size of his product.

We took the rotor out of the Grizzly and had it hard faced at a machine shop in northern Indiana. Then we sent the newly hardfaced Grizzly to a shop in southern Indiana to be dynamically balanced.

The improved Grizzly was put into a system with a custom built surge bin and drag chain feeder. A crossbelt magnet and stainless steel auger were used to remove the wire from the product. An aspiration system was designed to remove the fluff and dust from the product. Sizing was accomplished with a two deck Rotex screen resulting in clean tire-rubber landscape material.

Material was moved from stage to stage using augers and conveyors built or assembled in our shop.

We provided all the electrical controls and tested the system in our shop before disassembly and transport to the customer site. Our crew spent a week and a half installing it at the customer’s site and training the customer’s crew on its operation.

Call us for your tire recycling equipment needs. Using our nearly 20 years experience we will design and build a system to match your product requirements and your property layout. Whether you are starting from scratch or you need to integrate with existing equipment you might have, we can design and install the equipment you need to get the job done.