IDM/Raptor Update

Just a little update to what is taking place at (URC) Unlimited Resources Corporation, in case some of you have noticed that our web site has changed significantly over the past few weeks.

Our company is no longer the Manufacturer’s Representative for the IDM/ Raptor line of Recycling Equipment as of December 17th, 2015. Steve Robinson sold all the intellectual property from IDM to Jomar Machining & Fabrication, Inc. and with this sale they no longer wanted us to act as the sales manufactures representative. So going forward if you have a need for any of the Recycling Equipment that was manufactured under the name of IDM or Raptor you will need to contact Jomar Machining & Fabrication, Inc. They had been fabricating this Equipment at their facility for Steve Robinson who owned IDM and Raptor for several years so they have an abundance of knowledge on all this equipment.

Our company has worked with Jomar Machining & Fabrication, Inc. for many years on many different projects and they always turn out nothing but first class work. We truly will miss the opportunity to offer the IDM/ Raptor line of equipment and will of course continue to do what we’ve been doing for over twenty years and that is to Sell, Buy, Trade, Broker, and refurbish all types of Recycling Equipment. Over the past several years our company has really begun to custom build specialized Rubber processing systems for many of our customers. We always strive to custom build whatever type of system that our customers requires and look forward to building one for you in the near future.

We currently have FOR SALE one used (IDM) Raptor Model R-162 shredder that is powered directly by (2) – 150 H.P. electric motors. This shredder has been completely refurbished in our shop and is ready to go. This machine has a new set of knives and would be excellent for the shredding of semi-truck or passenger tires. These knives are all hard-faced not only on the edges like normal but are in fact hard-faced all the way down the sides for more life. This shredder offers a cutting chamber size of 44” X 57” and offers all the user friendly features that have made this shredder one of the best and most productive shredders in the industry for the past several years. This shredder will come complete with a custom built in-feed hopper and a custom built stand with new custom built catwalks. We have pictures of this completed machine available upon request and welcome any questions that you might have about this machine.

We also have another one of these used Model R-162 (IDM) Raptor shredders in inventory that is identical to the one we have above for sale and we could get refurbished if you had the need for more than one machine. Also we currently have a used model R-163 (IDM) Raptor shredder that is a hydraulic driven shredder and it has a much larger cutting chamber size of 44” X 72”. This shredder could be configured to work as a conventional shredder and be mounted horizontal or we could configure it to be vertically mounted like a Barclay shredder. This unit will need to be refurbished and we can install whatever knife size you will need to perform your particular shredding needs.

Of course we have many other brands, models and makes of shredders in our current inventory. Some of them already refurbished and others waiting to be brought into our shop. So if you have the need for any type of shredders or Recycling Equipment call the “can do team” at URC and we will get your needs taken care of ASAP. Our company has been around for over twenty years and we look forward to being here for many years to come. Thanks for your continued support of our business.