Horizontal Grinder – The Wood Workhorse

Unlimited Resources Corporation handles multiple brands of good used horizontal grinders including Morbark, Peterson Pacific, Vermeer, CMI, Maxigrind, CBI and Guendler.

Horizontal grinders have become more popular in recent years despite their relative high cost.  Compared to tub grinders, the other popular wood grinding machines, horizontal grinders are safer to operate because they don’t throw as much material out of the grinding chamber.

Another selling point for horizontal grinders is that they can handle longer material than a tub grinder.  A thirty foot long tree is not practical to put through a tub grinder unless it is cut into shorter pieces.  A horizontal grinder handles this easily.  The operator simply puts the entire tree onto the belt feed and the machine will slowly move the tree into the grinding chamber as the end is chewed away.

Offsetting their higher cost, horizontal grinders can handle just about anything a tub grinder can handle as well as lots of other things.  This makes them a very versatile grinder for land clearing and many other applications.

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