Granutech/Saturn Grizzly Tire Recycling System for Making Low-Wire Boiler Fuel

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The Granutech Saturn M-80 Grizzly is one of the finest machines on the market today for making a small tire chip with much of the wire liberated. Simple screen changes allow the customer to make material from ½ inch to 1 inch.

We have an M-80 Grizzly Tire grinder that has been completely refurbished with hardened and balanced rotor and all new knives, bearings and other wear items. A customer has asked us to create a system with the M-80 at its heart to grind and move one inch material from tire chips.

In addition to the M-80 Grizzly tire grinder, this system will have a walk around platform, a custom built surge bin, infeed and outfeed conveyors and large auger conveyors to move material to desired locations. This system will include a dust collector, cross belt magnet and all the electrical controls to operate everything.

Once complete, we will help install this at the customer’s location and will train the customer’s staff on operation and maintenance.

Call us for other Grizzly tire grinders we have in stock or for any kind of tire reduction equipment. We can make these into a system that will accomplish your needs.