Granutech/ Saturn Model 80 Grizzly System


The Granutech/Saturn Model 80 Grizzly is the premier machine for taking 2 inch chips down to a 1 inch minus TDF.  The heavy rotor and 300 hp gives this machine the power it needs to process 2 inch chips to a 1 inch minus granule at a rate of about 4 ton per hour


This system has everything you need to put this after a 2 inch chip system, including an infeed conveyor, the Grizzly, a vibratory discharge conveyor, outfeed conveyor, crossbelt magnet and an aspiration system.  The machine has a 500 Amp disconnect and a soft start and all the controls.  This is a very high production machine and it is the best machine on the market today used to remove up to 80-85% of the steel from your tires while reducing the 2” x 2” size tire chips down to 1 inch or less in size.  These machines are the work horse of today’s tire processing industry and are built much more robust than most of their competition.  You won’t find a nicer used machine on the market today!