For Sale Secondary Tire Recycling/Grinding System

Our company Unlimited Resources Corporation currently has for sale all the items needed to make a very good Secondary Tire Recycling/Grinding System.  This system would work well for the shredding of scrap tires that have been pre-shred down to 2-3 inch in size.  This system would then grind these tire chips down to ¾” minus in size, and remove or liberate the majority of the wire or steel from the product.  This system would work well for producing a sized rubber mulch that would work well for painting to a color of your choice.  We have all the items currently in our inventory that we would need to build this complete system. 

List of Equipment that makes up this secondary grinding system:

  1. Custom Built 7’X14’ Surge Bin (with drag chain conveyor in the bottom
  2. Custom Built Grizzly In-Feed Conveyor
  3. Model M80 Granutech/Saturn Grizzly
  4. Custom Built Grizzly Electrical Control Panel
  5. Action Equipment Company Vibratory MAG-SORT R  Metal Re-Claimer Clean Wire System with (4) self-cleaning cross-belt magnets
  6. Custom Built Clean Wire System Electrical Control Panel
  7. Custom Built 12” Diameter X 20’ Long Screw Auger Conveyor and Stand
  8. Custom Built 12” Diameter X 20’ Long Screw Auger Conveyor and Stand
  9. Custom Built Stainless Steel Screw Auger Conveyor and Stand
  10. Custom Built 16” Diameter X 24’ Long Screw Auger Conveyor and Stand
  11. Donaldson/ Torit Model Dust Collector
  12. 75 H.P. Blower
  13. Cyclone with Air Lock and Custom Built Stand
  14. Custom Built Duct Work for Grizzly Aspiration System

The above listed equipment or system that will process around 8,000-9,000 lbs. of rubber per hour down to ¾” minus in size.  And we have this whole system priced for only $595,000.00

As an additional add on to this system we would have the large Rotex Screener System and all the assorted screw auger conveyors and drum magnets to screen the rubber mulch produced by this system above into to three different size materials.  We would have this system available for a price of $225,000.00  Along with the above secondary grinding system you would be able to make a ¾” X ½” nugget sized product, also a ½” x ¼” sized product, and finally a ¼” minus sized product.

Finally for another $175,000 we could build you a colored mulch paint line that would allow you to produce and sell rubber painted mulch.  With all these pieces of equipment it would allow you to process tire chips down to a more marketable colored mulch.