For Sale – Model 62 X 40HT Granutech/Saturn whole tire shredding system:

Our Company Unlimited Resources Corporation currently has a very nice whole tire shredding system for sale.  This system was designed and built by us several years ago and has recently become available for purchase.  So we purchased the system back and are now in the process of making any repairs needed to this system to make it completely functional again.  This system would take whole semi-truck or passenger tires down to 2” chips at about the rate of 4-5 tons per hour. 

This system offers something that most 62 X 40HT shredders don’t and that is it is powered by a 300 H.P. electric motor that drives a Hagglunds/Denision hydraulic pump that produces 5,000 PSI @ 184 gpm.  Normally this shredder would be powered by a (2) 100 H.P. electric motors that power (2) Denision hydraulic pumps that produce a combined 3,000 PSI at less than 100 gpm.  Therefore the added PSI and gallons per minute of hydraulic power this shredder now produces will allows it to more easily shred semi-truck tires, where typically they have to really work hard to get this type of tires shred.  When we updated this hydraulic unit to run at higher PSI we were then required to go to another brand of hydraulic motor since the KYBs that were on the machine when it was shipped new would only handle the 3,000 PSI.  We installed a SAI hydraulic motor which will operate at the needed 5,000PSI rate.  This combination really wakes this shredder up and allows it to do a better job of shredding both passenger and semi-truck tires.

Since we’ve been in business we have sold over fifty of this model and brand of shredder.  This is way more than we’ve sold of any other model or make of shredder.  This is what we’ve always called our Mom & Pop shredder because it’s very economical to operate, and equally very easy to operate as well.  And best yet it is very easy for the average person to understand how to work on it and keep it maintained.  And it doesn’t require lots of special tooling like many of the other shredders require.  No, it isn’t the highest production shredder in the industry, but it will be shredding still when many of the others have been junked out and are too costly to rebuild.

This shredder will have a brand new set of hard-faced knives installed as well as new cleaning fingers and new seals and new end cap bearings.  It should be ready to shred for a very long period of time without much in the way of down time.  We will have this shredder set up as a split chamber shredder where we will do primary shredding in 2/3’s of the cutting chamber and secondary shredding in the other 1/3 of the chamber.  This shredder will be equipped with (2) hook 1 ½” thick knives in the primary section of the cutting chamber and (12) hook 1 3/8” thick knives in the secondary section of the cutting chamber. 

We will match this shredder up with a Custom Built disc screen classifier that we built new several years ago.  This screen is currently in our shop being worked on to ensure that it works properly when it’s installed back into this system.  When completed it should perform well for many years to come.  This system is matched up with five different conveyors of different lengths and sizes to complete this system.  The 300 H.P. electric motor has a soft start on it and the whole tire in-feed conveyor has a VFD on it to control the speed of the tires being sent to the shredder.  This system would make anyone an ideal first system or compliment any other shredding operation.  See a detailed equipment list that shows all the items included in this system.  We have this complete system package priced at $250,000.00.  CALL 660-295-4204 FOR MORE DETAILS.  This is a very nice system that will be ready to go to work!  We will offer a 30 day limited warranty on the major components of the system, not including wear parts and exclusive of misuse and abuse.  In addition we will send a technician to your location to oversee and assist with the set-up of the shredder, and to train your personnel in the maintenance and operation of the system. 

2” TDF Chip Shredding System Equipment List

  1. Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor 48” wide X 30’ long flat slider belt with sides
    2. Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder for doing a split chamber machine
    3. Granutech/Saturn Model 62 X 40HT shredder with high out-put SAE hydraulic motor /furnished with 1 1/2”wide X 2 hook knives in the primary shredding chamber and 1 3/8” X 12 hook knives in the secondary shredding chamber
    4. 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac that is capable of producing 5,000 lbs. PSI
    5. Custom built stand for shredder with catwalks
    6. Custom built shredder out-feed conveyor 36” wide X 26’ long troughed slider belt
    7. Custom built 42” X 7’6” Rotary disc screen classifier with 7.5 H.P. electric motor
    8. Custom built stand for classifier with catwalks
    9. Custom built Short recirculating conveyor 28” wide X 7’ long troughed slider belt
    10. Custom built Long recirculating conveyor 30” wide X 33’ long troughed slider belt
    11. Custom built 2” Sized material out-feed conveyor 30” wide X 26’ long troughed slider belt

12. Custom built electrical control panel for all the above equipment, has soft start for the 300 H.P. electric motor

(We have pictures available of this system as it looks today upon request)