“For Sale” late model (IDM) Raptor Shear Shredder

Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC) currently has for sale one used (IDM) Raptor Model R-162 Shredder powered directly by a two 150 H.P. electric motors. This is without a doubt one of the highest production machines manufactured in the United States today. And in combination with this high production factor it is also the most user friendly machines to operate and work on in the industry. There are at least ten reasons that make these machines the clear choice to purchase when compared to other shear shredders being manufactured today in the United States. Look over this list of reasons why your next shredder should be an (IDM) Raptor.

1. IDM (Raptor) offers the industry’s only lift out rotor (shaft) assemblies “Lift and Swap” design. No other current shredder manufacture we are aware of offers this time saving feature.
2. IDM (Raptor) has shaft sizes that are much larger in diameter than the industry standards and they will custom build each shredder to meet your particular application.
3. IDM (Raptor) offers either electric drive or hydraulic drive shredders and offers several different versions of each model. IDM (Raptor) offers either single or dual drive models of these different versions.
4. IDM (Raptor) offers both stationary and mobile shredders to meet any shredding application you might have. IDM (Raptor) offer production out-put capacities from 3 tons to 35 tons per hour depending on the materials being processed.
5. They offer the IDM (Raptor) in three different configurations, primary shredder (shreds whole off-road, semi-truck, or passenger tires), chipper (takes any pre-shredded tire material down to 2” chips), and tire grinder (takes 2” tire chips down to ¾” and liberates the majority of the wire out of the rubber). Each of these will use the basic same cutter box, shaft assemblies, bearings, and drive components. And because each of these machines use the same cutter box they can easily be changed from one application to another by simply doing a rotor change which is made easy with their “Lift and Swap” design.
6. They also offer the IDM (Raptor) shredder with several different types of knife or rotor cutter designs. Because each application is different they offer a cutter stack blade option to meet your particular shredding needs. They offer the solid rotor in whatever hook configuration you might need and they offer the IDM proprietary bolt on knife design as well as the traditional CM style bolt on knife design with the side wear plates. The big difference with their knives is that they are manufactured out of heat treated 4140 steel and each bolt hole is inserted with a heat treated threaded insert so that if you strip out a bolt hole you can easily fix the problem by simply unscrewing the insert and screwing in a new one.
7. The IDM (Raptor) shredder also offers a much improved stack locking system for keeping your knives tight on your cutter shafts. As everyone knows this is the true secret to keeping a set of knives cutting well. Also IDM (Raptor) shredders offer much better seal protection than most of the other manufactures with both splash plates & seal guards to protect the seals. And the IDM (Raptor) shredders have bearings that are housed in field replaceable housing with seals on both sides using grease instead of oil.
8. IDM (Raptor) also can configure your shredder to have an integrated screen for the sizing of materials before it leaves your shredder cutting chamber. (note this will limit the output production of the shredder)
9. They offer the IDM (Raptor) shredder in many different cutting chamber sizes that run from a width of 47.5 inches up to 55 inches and a length of 44 inches up to 72 inches. These shredders are offered in a range from 150 H.P. – 500 H. P. to meet or exceed your shredding needs.
10. IDM (Raptor) in addition to the shredders offers many of the accessories needed to complete your total processing system. They custom build conveyors of any type and size you might need. They offer screeners in both the vibratory and disc screen types for the sizing of your materials. They even offer a tumble back feeder and a wire cleaning system for removing the wire from rubber.

The machine we currently have just came in off a job and it could be configured to have one of several different rotors placed back in the machine to better match up to the job that you need done at your particular location to meet your shredding needs. You won’t find anywhere in the Industry a shredder that is manufactured as heavy duty as the (IDM) Raptor shredder is. And finding a used one at all is next to impossible because everybody that purchases one of these units has fallen in love with their high production rates and all the other user friendly operation and maintenance functions that are available on these machines.

This Shredder is being sold with a custom built in-feed hopper, a custom built shredder stand and complete electric control panel. Also we have a Vibratory Action Screen classifier available if anyone needed this as a whole TDF system. And we could custom build whatever conveyors that you might need to complete the whole system. Call URC @ (660-295-4204) and speak to Elaine or Richard today for more information on this exciting shredder package.