“For Sale” Granutech/Saturn Model 62 X40HT Tire Shredding System

Our company Unlimited Resources Corporation “URC” currently has available for immediate sale a complete whole tire down to 2″ nominal (TDF) tire chip system. We have sold over 50 of these particular model machines over the past nineteen years that we’ve been in business.

We currently have three of these machines in inventory and we truly believe that this particular make and model machine is the best Mom & Pop machine available in the Industry. And what this means is that they are one of the most dependable, long lasting, easiest machines to work on, and they truly stand the test of time. We’ve sold several of these machines more than once and we’ve always been able to refurbish the machines back into like new condition with minimal efforts as compared to other makes and models of machines.

This particular system consist of a brand new custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor that is 48″ wide X 30’ long. It is a flat slider belt conveyor with sides. Please note all of our conveyors in this system are all “brand new” and all are built very heavy duty and out of the best components available and will last for as long as you own this machine.

This particular Model 62 X 40HT came out of a paper shredding operation so it has had an extremely easy life to this point. We have increased the torque on the shredder by adding a new SAI hydraulic motor. The shredder has 1 ½” thick (2) hook knives in the primary part of the shredding chamber and 1 3/8″ thick (12) hook knives in the secondary part of the shredding chamber. Of course all these knives are new and all have been built out of 4140 heat-treated material and they have each been hard-faced to be used in the tire shredding industry to increase their useful life.

We were able to find a new 300 H.P. hydraulic power pac to power this shredder and this also will increase the torque of the shredder because a normal 62 X 40HT is powered by a 200 H.P. hydraulic power pac. So this should allow this machine to more easily shred semi-truck tires than the typical 62 X 40HT will do. We then have a new shredder out-feed conveyor that is 36″ wide X 26’ Long and this is a troughed slider belt conveyor.

Then we feed this material onto a custom-built 42″ X 8’ rotor disc screen classifier. And we build without a doubt the heaviest duty disc screen classifier in the industry. This will size the tire chips so that everything smaller than 2″ in size will fall through the daisy wheels and everything larger in size than 2″ will go off the end of the classifier and then be moved back to the secondary part of the shredding chamber for yet more down-sizing. This is done by using a new short recirculating conveyor which is 28″ wide X 7’ long and this is also a troughed slider belt conveyor.

Then this oversize material goes onto the new long recirculating conveyor which is 30″ wide X 33’ long and this is a troughed slider belt conveyor. Finally all the 2″ sized material is carried out from under the rotary disc screen classifier by another new sized material out-feed conveyor which is 30″ wide X 26’ long and this is also a troughed slider belt conveyor.

Lots of thought and experience has gone into building this particular system and we’ve done our best to build it to stand the test of time. You won’t find a better system available for sale today in the used market and anything new will cost much more and you still won’t have nearly as good a system as we’ve been able to assemble for this one time offer.

This whole system priced at only $249,500.00 and we will send out a crew of guys to help oversee the installation of this equipment at your facility.

Call “URC” @ 660-295-4204 and ask for Elaine or Richard for more details on this system