Entoleter/ AlSteel 48” Granulator

These machines have been completely refurbished and are presently better than new because we have beefed up many of the areas where we had noticed that wear was occurring. These areas were all welded back up to standard and then these areas have all been hard-faced with Stoody build up wire to slow down the wear in these areas in the future. The
rotors on these machines were also hard-faced to cut down on the wear areas and we have also installed larger diameter bolt holes that hold all the fly knives in place. We had each knife holder on the rotors planed and squared up to make sure that all the fly knifes were held in place properly. We also had both of the rotors sent off and professionally balanced to make sure they operate with as little vibration as possible. We put new bearings on the shafts when we installed the rotors back in the machine. Also
both of the bed knife holders were sent in and completely refurbished by a professional machine shop where they drilled out and inserted each of the existing bolt holes with new fine thread bolt holes. Also each of these bed knife holders were welded up and planed off to make sure that all the bed knives were mounted properly. All brand new knives were installed back in these machines both bed & fly knives. When you purchase these machines you will get a complete set of re-sharpened used knives with the machines as well. In addition we have several other spare wear parts that will go with these machines. These machines also have hydraulic folding hoppers and screen holders for easy access for making knife changes and screen changes. They also have water cooled jackets around the cutting chambers to allow them to operate cooler. These machines are powered by 250 H.P. electric motors and we will furnish with them brand new soft starts. These machines would work ideally for the processing of 1”-3/4” rubber chips down to 3/8”- ¼” rubber particles. We would estimate that these machines would each process around 3500-4,000 lbs per hour of this size material. This is an excellent matched pair of machines that are both ready to go to work. We don’t think you’ll find any better used “high production” machines in the country. The unit was built in 1995.