Economical Self-Propelled Straddle Type Compost/Windrow Turner

Resource Recovery Systems International has been making compost turners for over thirty years. Their turners have been used by the U.S. military for remediation of contaminated soils and other tough jobs, taking hazardous biomaterials and converting them to usable end products.

The KW 614 is the company’s most popular compost turner, handling trapezoidal compost piles six feet high and fourteen feet wide. The KW 614 has proven to be a reliable, low maintenance machine capable of handling all manner of organic material from sludge to wood chips and leaves.

We recently acquired a KW 614 compost turner with low hours that is ready to go to work. This 300 HP Caterpillar powered turner is a belt driven model. It is available FOB St. John, New Brunswick, Canada at the amazing low price of $75,000. This is an absolute steal for a low houred machine with this capacity and it won’t be around long before someone snaps it up.

Call us for information about this machine or other compost turners we have for sale.