Economical Compost Turners for Medium Scale Composting Operations

We recently acquired two Aeromaster PT 120 pull type compost turners in excellent condition. These ten foot compost turners can be pulled by an 80 to 100 horsepower tractor and are capable of handling about five thousand tons of compost each season.

These compost turners are very simple machines with very low maintenance and long life, ideal for a mid-sized mulch operation. A built-in watering system provides even moisture application to the mulch as you turn it with a minimum of water loss. And variable drum speed combined with an inside out and outside in drum operation allows excellent blending, aeration, and carbon dioxide release for optimum break down of the material into usable mulch.

The drum on these compost turners retracts upward out of the mulch row at any time, and hydraulic controls allow one man to do the entire operation without assistance; aerating, watering, blending and inoculating in a single pass.

At $25,000 each FOB loaded on your truck at our shop, these compost turners represent an outstanding value.

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