Eagle International Titan II off road tire cutter

Unlimited Resources Corporation, the ones to call for all your recycling equipment needs, currently has a very nice Eagle Titan II tire cutter for sale. This Eagle Titan II tire cutter is totally portable and comes mounted on its own trailer with a Cummins diesel engine for powering the whole machine. This machine only has 1977 actual operating hours since new and has always been owned by a single state entity so it has always been subject to an excellent maintenance program. We purchased this machine only because this state was shutting their tire processing program down since all of the large tire pile clean-up sites in this state had been processed and this state program no longer made economic sense.

This unit would allow who ever purchases it to be able to process large off road scraper tires down to a more manageable size for further processing with large shredders. This endeavor has always presented many in this industry a problem and it has allowed the processors that can handle these large tires to be able to charge almost whatever they want to get rid of this problem. The Titan II can cut tires up to 44” wide (tread) and 12’ across. Once loaded on the cutting platform by loader or whatever, the operation is all controlled by one man at the control panel cutting and rotating the tires. Eagle advertises the average cutting cycle time as 24 seconds and with handling average hourly production is 10-12 scraper tires.

Occasionally we have had questions about a machine that would do these large tires and we have never been able to get our hands on one so have never been able to help a customer find one at less than new price.

We are pricing this machine at less than 50% of what a new machine would cost today. So if you’ve ever thought of how to increase your existing tire processing business you really need to think seriously about this opportunity. This is one of those “once in a lifetime” opportunities that people talk about all the time and if you think about it too long it will be gone. Please if you have any interest in this machine give Elaine a call and we will get you more information and pictures of the machine. Or please come and see this machine first hand at our location.

Call today for more details!!