Disposing of an Environmental Hazard: Tire Shredders

Tire shredders are among our best selling machines at Unlimited Resources Corporation.  We have refurbished so many and sold so many that we know a lot about them.  And there is a reason they are so in demand.

The United States averages about one worn out passenger tire annually for every person in our population.  That is a lot of tires and old tires never go away.  In their original form they will still look about the same in 50 years.  And all of that time they are potential pest and fire hazards.  As a result states everywhere want them cleaned up once and for all.

Tires ground into two inch chips can be used as boiler fuel.  Ground smaller they can be used as playground material, running track cover, and other uses.  Ground even smaller to dating app for old peoplethey can be mixed with plastics or other rubber to make all kinds of moldable products, or mixed with asphalt to make a more durable road surface.

No matter how small they are going to be ground, the first thing that must be done is that they must be shred.  This is where the date night captionscomes in.  Tire shredders come in all sizes, from smaller, low horsepower machines that will only shred passenger car tires, all the way up to machines with hundreds of horsepower that can grind hundreds of over the road truck tires per hour.

Costs range from less than $100,000 to well over half a million dollars.  Tire shredders must be made of quite durable materials because shredding tires requires so much stress on the machines.  At Unlimited Resources Corporation when we refurbish machines we look at gears, seals, bearings, knives and all other wear parts to be sure the machines we sell can do the job.  Since the vast majority of a machine is fixed metal cabinet, by replacing all the movable parts we can insure that our customers get machines with something very close to the performance and durability of a new machine.  And since tire shredding technology changes slowly if at all, last year’s machine is just as good as next year’s machine.

For a good used tire shredder, call Unlimited Resources Corporation and let one of our techs help you determine your needs and match those needs with a machine that will do what you need it to do.  And call us for other single and want to mingle such as tire cutters, debeaders, or magnets.