Custom Built Surge Bins

Unlimited Resources Corporation has in stock several different sizes and styles of custom built surge (storage) bins that we furnish to the speed dating bakersfield Industry. We custom build these bins out of 3/16″ thick steel unless you specify heavier or lighter steel at the time of purchase. We can custom build these surge bins to meet whatever your specific need might be from primary tire shredding all the way down to crumb rubberproduction.  We presently have custom built bins in stock for the storage of 1″-2″ TDF (tire derived fuel) chips. We also have custom built bins in stock for the storage of 3/8″-3/4″ rubber mulch material. We keep in stock a custom built bin for handling ¼” minus rubber- down to crumb rubber.  Finally, we have in stock a custom built bin that would allow you to feed either two separate machines or have the capability of  making one size product while sending half of the material on down the line for further size reduction.

Unlimited Resources Corporation has the capability of custom building whatever size and type of storage bin you might need. We can also match this up with many different sizes and types of screw auger conveyors or drag chain conveyors. And of course Unlimited Resources can also furnish you with what ever drive system you might need to meet your specific product flow needs. We can offer continuous speed drive systems or many different types of variable speed drive systems to accommodate you plants needs.

Unlimited Resources Corporation uses these surge bins in many of the systems that we build for the Tire Recycling equipment Industry as well as the crumb rubber systems that we offer for sale. We use them not only for product storage but also for being able to better balance systems to make them perform better when you are putting several different machines together to make them into a crumb rubber system. Of course each crumb rubber system is different and we use many different types and brands of equipment to perform the different functions needed to reduce whole tires down to crumb rubber. These custom built surge bins allow us the flexibility needed to be able to better match equipment up to build these crumb rubber systems.

Many times these custom built surge bins also give us the flexibility to be able to only operate part of the plant while we are working on other parts of the plant. We have the storage capacity to run certain machines for an extended period of time on the reserve in the storage bins feeding this particular machine or part of the system.

Of course Unlimited Resources Corporation builds these custom built storage bins for mainly the Tire Recycling Industry but they can be used in almost all industries. We welcome the opportunity to be able to quote you on your custom built surge bin requirements. Be assured that you will be buying the best bins at affordable pricing offered in the industry today.