Custom Built Conveyors

Unlimited Resources Corporation has in stock several custom built conveyors of different lengths and widths. Our company has been custom building conveyors since we first went into business in 1996. Over this period of time we have custom built almost every type of conveyor used in the meetup kitchener and date till todayindustry.  We build some of the heaviest constructed conveyors in the industry today. We use only the highest quality components to build these conveyors and offer some of the best designed conveyors working in the recycling industry today. We’ve used these conveyors in many of the systems that we’ve assembled over the years so we’ve had a lot of feedback over the years from our customers.

We can custom build whatever length or width conveyor that you might need for your application. We can custom build a troughed (pan), flat pan, or any type of roller conveyor that you might need. We can build these conveyors in sections that easily bolt together once they are at your location. We can of course build whatever support structures (legs) that you might need to accommodate the incline the conveyor is going need. We many times put stainless steel sections in these conveyors to accommodate cross belt or drum magnets. Let our years of test proven results help you custom design your next conveyor system.

We’ve gone to using Grove speed reducers over the past four or five years and have not had a failure to date with this brand. We generally use head and tail pulleys from Precision Pulley and use completely enclosed take-ups to prevent damage from the elements. Our goal has always been to build conveyors that will stand the test of time and we’ve seen our conveyors still running great after over ten years of continuous service.

We custom build and use many of these conveyors in the tire recycling industry, wood grinding and encounters dating agencyindustry each year. Therefore we don’t and won’t build junk conveyors. We will custom build conveyors to meet or exceed your industry’s needs. Please call us and see if we can provide you with your custom built conveyor needs now or whenever you start your next project.

We don’t and won’t build light duty conveyors. We build only heavy duty conveyors that will be designed to operate for many years if adjusted properly. We generally build most of our conveyors out of channel but would vary from this if you need a truss design to meet your specific needs. Call the boys with the “can do crew” at Unlimited Resources Corporation and see if we might have your conveyors needs in stock. If not let us give you a price for custom building a conveyor for whatever materials that you might need to convey.