Converting a Stationary Tire Shredder into a Portable Tire Shredder

Some time back we acquired a SSI Model 1800-E stationary lesbian online dating. The shredder had completely worn out knives in it and was in generally poor condition. As we got into reconditioning this tire shredder, it began to turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

This is not a large machine but it has incredible torque, developing 44,384 on the fast shaft and 56,064 on the slow shaft. That makes this particular shredder ideally suited for the shredding of passenger tires, light truck tires, e-waste, light metals, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum castings, wood waste, MSW, steel or plastic drums and many other

As the quality of the machine became apparent, we decided to convert this from a stationary machine into a mobile tire shredder. On the shredder itself, we replaced both main shafts and installed all new bearings and seals. It has a new 125 HP electric motor and we replaced the input section of the Reggiani gearbox (this is the part that
generally fails on this type of heavy-duty gear drive reducer). All the old worn out knives were replace with all new two-hook 1 3/4″ wide knives.

Once the shredder was completely refurbished, we set about making it portable. To do this we mounted the shredder and its stand on a tandem axle trailer. Then we added a Radar disc screen classifier to sort product to make a 2″ nominal TDF tire chip. To make a 2″ nominal chip  the material must pass through the shredder box several times until it is properly sized.

This is a simple statistical problem to pass the chips through until they fall the right way to be cut into proper lengths. We had already built new infeed and outfeed conveyors for this machine. To create the recirculating system we built a conveyor to take the material from the shredder box to the classifier. Then we built a cross conveyor to return the over size material back to another conveyor that returns the larger chips back to the shredder for another cut.

To power everything, we mounted a Caterpillar 3306B generator on the trailer. The next step was to wire the entire thing so the conveyors start and stop in the proper order and everything can be run from a central electrical control panel. We also installed some individual stop buttons for the infeed conveyor as well as a panic button to stop
everything at once for the safety of the operator if something unforeseen happens.

After everything had been tested and refined, we super cleaned the machine and sent it to the paint shop for a brand new paint job.

Moving this tire shredder from one site to another is a simple matter of stowing the infeed and outfeed conveyors and dropping the catwalks on hinges so the entire load is legal width as well as legal weight. Set up on the other end takes a few hours at most and the machine is ready to start making product again.

Like all the machines we rebuild, this entire machine carries a limited warranty. Our customers can buy with confidence that this tire shredder should operate for many years without causing major problems just like a new machine but at a much lower investment.