SORRY – SOLD!! Complete Whole Waste Tire Recycling System

We are currently in the final stages of setting up a complete Whole Waste Tire Recycling System that will convert whole Semi-Truck & Passenger tires down to 1” minus rubber with 75-85% of the wire (steel) removed. This system will use Granutech/ Saturn recycling equipment to do the primary and secondary shredding of these tires along with many items that we have custom built in our shop to complement this complete system.
This system is currently available for sale and it is one of the best American manufactured systems available off the shelf ready to be set up and operated immediately. And at $495,000 it is a bargain compared to new comparable equipment.
We take pride in the workmanship we have put into this Whole Waste Tire Recycling System. It has all been designed to stand the test of time and you will see this for yourself if you take the time to come and visit our site. We will test run all the equipment and make sure that everything performs as it should. We will then take lots of pictures of the system and mark everything properly for easily installation at our customer’s facility before we disassemble the system for shipping.

List of the main equipment that makes up this Whole Waste Tire Recycling System.
1. Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor (new) 48” wide X 30’ long flat bottom pan with sides
2. Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder (new) for doing a split camber machine
3. Refurbished Granutech Model 62 X 4OHT shredder with high out-put SAI hydraulic motor (around 20% more torque than the typical 525KYB produces) and we have placed new 4140 heat treated and hard faced 2 hook I ½” knives in 2/3’s of the primary cutting chamber and new 4140 heat treated and hard faced 12 hook 1 3/8” knives in the other 1 /3 of the secondary cutting chamber. This will allow us to do the primary and secondary shredding of tires down to 2” nominal size in the same shredder.
4. 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac (new)- This hydraulic power pac is powered by two 150 H.P. electric motors where the typical 62 X 40HT shredder is typically powered by two 100 H.P. electric motors. This should allow the shredder to have more torque available for the shredding of semi-truck tires.
5. Custom built stand for shredder with catwalks(new)
6. Custom built shredder out-feed conveyor (new)
7. Custom built 42” X 7’6” Rotary disc screen classifier with 7.5 H.P. electric motor (new)- Our company has built many of these units over the past several years and we build them out of the best materials available and build the daisy wheels out of 3/8” thick AR400 wear resistant steel.
8. Custom built stand for classifier with catwalks
9. Short recirculating conveyor (new)
10. Long recirculating conveyor (new)
11. Sized material out-feed conveyor (new)
12. Refurbished Surge Bin with drag chain conveyor
13. Custom built in-feed conveyor to feed M-50 Grizzly (new)
14. Refurbished Granutech Model M-50 Grizzly with 200 H.P. electric motor- We have installed a brand new rotor that we purchased from Granutech/Saturn and then we completely hard faced all the wear surfaces to allow for many more hours of service. We also have replaced several of the wear liners in the hopper of the machine and have done hard facing of many of the areas where we could see wear was taking place that hadn’t been done when it was shipped new from the factory. This will allow the machine to operate much longer before it needs to be refurbished the next time.
15. Factory built Grizzly stand with new catwalks
16. Refurbished vibratory dis-charge conveyor
17. Cross-belt self-cleaning magnet (new)- for wire removal
18. Custom built stand for magnet (new)
19. Custom built sized material out-feed conveyor (new)
20. Custom built stainless steel auger for wire removal (refurbished)
21. Aspiration system (used, like new) 15 H.P. Bush Hog
22. All the electrical controls and motor starters needed to operate all this equipment
23. All the necessary conveyor legs, hoppers and misc. stands needed to complete the system
24. All guards will be custom built and put into place to help prevent injury
This system has been carefully assembled and much thought and 18 years of experience has allowed us to build one of the nicest systems that we’ve ever had available for sale. This system contains nothing but the finest components from the custom built heavy duty conveyors we manufacture here in our shop down to the two large Granutech/Saturn machines we have refurbished to be more productive and longer lasting in this harsh environment.
So if you have the need for a large high production system that can be shipped and set up and put into operation immediately then don’t hesitate to call and talk to Elaine Jarvis @ 660-295-4204. We will be more than happy to provide you with an “as built” drawing of how the system is currently configured. And of course we will also be happy to provide you with many pictures of what the system looks like as it is presently set up in our shop.
We will more than likely take this system down in early January of 2015 to start assembling the next system that we’re building which will be a Raptor shredder with an Action screen classifier and of course many custom build conveyors we will manufacture here in our shop.
If this system is not exactly what you need please don’t hesitate to call one of our “can do crew” with Unlimited Resources Corporation. Our eighteen plus years of experience means you will get the right recycling equipment for the job the first time and it will be refurbished to as good as new and many times better because we’ve found many of the weaknesses in these machines and have corrected the problem to allow for more production out of these machines and more hours of service before they need refurbished once again.