SORRY – SOLD!! Complete Granutech/ Saturn Whole Tire Recycling System

Whole Tire down to 1” chip processing system:
1. Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor (new) 48” wide X 30’ long flat slider belt with sides
2. Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder (new) for doing a split chamber machine
3. Completely Refurbished Granutech/Saturn Model 62 X 40HT shredder with high out-put SAE hydraulic motor /furnished with 2”wide X 2 hook knives in the primary shredding chamber and 1 3/8” X 12 hook knives in the secondary shredding chamber
4. 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac (new) Unit has (2) 150 H.P. Electric motors driving (2) Dennison Hydraulic pumps
5. Custom built stand (new) for shredder with catwalks(new)
6. Custom built shredder out-feed conveyor (new) 36” wide X 26’ long troughed slider belt
7. Custom built 42” X 7’6” Rotary disc screen classifier (new) with 7.5 H.P. electric motor
8. Custom built stand (new) for classifier with catwalks (new)
9. Custom built Short recirculating conveyor (new) 28” wide X 7’ long troughed slider belt
10. Custom built Long recirculating conveyor (new) 30” wide X 33’ long troughed slider belt
11. Custom built 2” Sized material out-feed conveyor (new) 30” wide X 26’ long troughed slider belt
12. Refurbished Custom Built Surge Bin with 7.5 H.P. drag chain conveyor
13. Custom built in-feed conveyor for M-50 Grizzly (new)36” wide X 30’ long troughed slider belt
14. Completely Refurbished Granutech/Saturn Model M-50 Grizzly with 200 H.P. electric motor
15. Factory built Grizzly stand with (new) custom built catwalks
16. Refurbished vibratory discharge conveyor
17. Cross-belt self-cleaning magnet (new)
18. Custom built stand for magnet (new)
19. Custom built sized material out-feed conveyor (new)30” wide X 26’ long
20. Custom built stainless steel auger for wire removal (refurbished) 14” dia. X 24’ long
21. Aspiration system (used like new) Bush Hog 15 H.P. Blower and bag house

This complete system will be able to process whole semi-truck tires or passenger tires at around 4-5 tons per hour down to a 1”minus chip. This system will come complete with all the legs, hoppers, and electrical controls needed to complete the system. This system offers one of the most attractive prices available and all the above work has been performed by our experienced service technicians in our shop and much of this system is NEW. This system is still currently set up for you to inspect if you so desire. As part of the price we will include sending two of our service technicians to assist with installation of this system at your location.

CALL Elaine or Richard @660-295-4204 for more information pertaining to this unique onetime offer! We have many pictures of this system as well as a detailed drawing available upon request!
Whole above system priced @ ONLY $495,000.00