Come to the Experts in Tire Shredders

Unlimited Resources Corporation has been in business for over fourteen years and we’ve refurbished almost every brand of latina singles near me that has been manufactured. Not only have we refurbished most brands of tire shredders but we’ve many times made updates to these machines that have made them more user friendly to operate. We have also many times made changes to these tire shredders that make them more productive and more durable.

So our company understands Tire Shredders and without a doubt some are better than others, but each of them has their place in the shredding industry somewhere. Many times we have moved them away from the tire shredding industry into plastics, wood, paper or e-waste because they are better suited for these types of applications. The main reason for us moving the machines to these other industries is that they weren’t strong or rugged enough to stand up to the severe duty that shredders encounter in the urbansocial datingindustry.

We have refurbished many Columbus McKinnon, Granutech/Saturn (Mac-Saturn), SSI, Eidal, American Pulverizer, Williams, Mitts & Merrell, Jordan (Reduction Technologies), Barclay and Untha tire shredders. In addition we have refurbished many other brands that are not as popular some of those names. Our company takes pride in providing the tire shredding industry with quality refurbished tire recycling equipment that is custom built to stand the test of time. And our machines will many times out perform the OEM built machines because of modifications we have made or weaknesses we have identified and corrected in the way the machines perform in the harsh environment of the tire shredding industry.

Unlimited Resources provides the tire recycling industry with another more affordable option for purchasing your next tire shredder or tire recycling equipment needs. We’ve recently built a brand new shop and office facility and now have the capability to handle most any shredder made. Our shop has overhead cranes in place to make working on these machines much easier than it was in the past. And we have long time working arrangements in place with many of the large machine shops to
handle the outside work that we don’t have the necessary special equipment in house to perform. You can be assured that if you purchase tire recycling equipment from us that you will be receiving some of the best equipment available and at a competive price. So make your first and last call to the ones to call for all your recycling equipment needs – Unlimited Resources Corporation.