Choosing Tire Recycling Equipment

Unlimited Resources Corporation specializes in all types of We also have built several whole systems both stationary and mobile. Many of these have only been primary shredders, that is, they only cut the tires in several pieces or strips.  We have also built many systems that take the whole tires (semi-truck and passenger) down to 2″ tire chips (TDF) Tire Derived Fuel. These shredding jobs are generally performed by what the industry generally calls a shear shredder and we’ve been involved in refurbishing many brands of these machines over the years. Some of the brands that we’ve rebuilt are Granutech/ Saturn or Mac/Saturn, SSI, Shred Tech, Shred Pax, Eidal, American Pulverizer, Jordan Reduction Technologies, Mitts & Merrell, & Williams. And each one of these brands of shredders will make several different size or models of machines as well. And also many times the same size or brand machine is available in either a hydraulic version or an electric version.

We have custom built many systems over the years and were always interested in giving you quotes on any special projects or ideas you might have to meet your particular shredding needs. You might want to consider some of these items before you decide which type of shedder to buy for your application if you are wondering whether or not the machine should be mobile or stationary.

Some of the considerations for having a stationary shredder:

  1. Have a good continual supply of tires available at one central location.
  2. Have a good industrial site available with or without a building.
  3. Have 3 phase high voltage electricity available economically
  4. Have a good work force in place locally
  5. Have a permit already in place for your facility

Some of the considerations for having a mobile shredder:

  1. Have more than one site that you want to keep shred on a regular basis.
  2. Have more flexibility on bidding tire clean-up sites.
  3. You don’t have to have high voltage electricity available (because we generally fit these mobile machines with their own generator sets).
  4. Electric rates are out of reason for a particular area or region.
  5. You don’t need any permanent location or facility.
  6. They can easily be moved from one site to the next in just a few hours of preparation work.

Note: We have also sold shear shredders for many other applications than just tire shredding. Some of these applications are as follows; wood shredding, wire shredding, plastic shredding, fiberglass shredding, metal & plastic drum shredding, aluminum shredding, light metal shredding, paper & cardboard shredding, MSW shredding, and e-waste shredding.

It all comes down to which machine you need to take care of your customers’ needs the best, and what machine will perform best for you under your particular circumstances. We are always glad to assist you with these types of decisions since we’ve been in this business now for over 14 years. So we generally will have a good feel for what would work best for you and your particular needs. So next time you need any type of shredding or Tire Recycling Equipment please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-423-9062.