Capture that Tire Steel for Increased Profits!

Whole Waste Tire Recycling Equipment: “Action Equipment Company Mag-Sort Metal Reclaimer”
We currently have one of the most profitable inventions ever made for anyone who is processing their whole waste tires down to 1” minus size material rubber by using a machine similar to a Granutech/Saturn Grizzly, or Eldan Rasper, or Columbus McKinnon Liberator.
As the whole industry knows, the steel part of the tire has now become about as profitable as the rubber part of the tire. This was not true a few years ago but since the boom of scrap steel prices the price of this waste steel from these tires has continued to grow in importance in the scrap steel market. Most of you know the main problem with this is that this wire is generally hard to separate from the rubber as it is getting pulled off vibratory conveyors with magnets. This steel is generally contaminated quite badly by this rubber and gets discounted heavily when you sell the mixed product to your local scrap dealer.
This is where the Action Equipment Company Mag-Sort Metal Re-Claimer comes into place. This is very similar to the clean wire system that has been around for several years that is doing basically the same job. We currently have one of these in inventory that we purchased when we purchased a whole plant recently. This system was purchased new in 2005 by this company and was only used for a small pilot test run and then it was put into storage until we purchased the whole plant.
This unit was run less than fifty hours and then it was mothballed so it is basically a new system. The owner of this plant passed away several years ago before the prices of scrap steel rose so high.
The extra price you will receive for your waste steel will help you to pay for this system in the matter of a few years. The fact that we are offering this system for only about 60 % of what a new similar system would sell for today makes this an extremely worthwhile purchase. We currently have this system available for the reasonable price of $149,000.
These Mag-Sort Metal Re-Claimers have been built and designed to use two, three or four cross-belt self-cleaning magnets and the one we have has four of the cross-belt self-cleaning magnets. So it should work well in allowing you to reclaim the waste wire from your present stream of material that is produced by your Grizzly, Rasper, or Liberator. And these units(Mag-Sort Metal Re-Claimers) are the cat’s meow for removing free wire from this type of product that these type of machines spit out by the hundreds of tons each day.
As an added benefit, you can also reclaim considerably more salable rubber from this process as well. These two forms of income coming from the same waste stream will amortize the system cost quickly. It will also help cut down on the wear of knives that are used to further process this material down smaller in size if you are taking your product on down to landscape mulch or crumb rubber because this rubber will be wire free.

Please contact Elaine @ 660-295-4204 for more details and pictures of this system.