Business Stimulus Package Poised to Help you Pay for Equipment in 2010 with Tax Savings

Has the weak economy got you concerned?

Have you failed to receive your part of the Government bailout or stimulus money?

Well have no fear because Congress is finally about to pass a bill that will substantially help you, the small business owner with your bottom line if you are considering any kind of plant expansion by year’s end. They have finally figured out that most of the jobs here in the United States are provided by you, the small business owner. So don’t let this tremendous opportunity pass you by because you just might miss your boat!

It looks very favorable that they will soon pass legislation that will allow for all small business owners to be able to write-off 100% of the purchase price of capital assets for purchases up to $250,000. Also they are going to allow 50% bonus deprecation for anything over this amount on any new machine purchases. In addition they are going to be setting up a 30 billion dollar lending fund for small businesses to be administered by small banks. So many of you who want to purchase equipment will now have the funds available once this legislation passes and is signed by the president.

So please ask your accountant what effect this bill will have on your bottom line!!

So now you know you’ll be receiving some major tax breaks by adding new production capacity to your plant. Please give our staff at Unlimited Resources Corporation the opportunity to tell you what equipment we have to meet your needs. Our company has been in business for over fourteen years and we’re very experienced in the refurbishing of all types of tire recycling equipment. In many cases, we can have your equipment up and operating in a very short time frame. If you’re looking to buy a primary fun place for couples near me or a secondary shredder/chipper, or looking to make 2″ TDF chip, or ¾” mulch, or ¼” mulch, or 10-40 mesh crumb rubber then you need to give us a call because we more than likely have the equipment in stock to meet your requirements. We also will assist you in the setup and or erection of this equipment. And then we will show you how to properly operate and maintain this equipment once it’s operational.

We strive to keep in stock equipment for most every type of tire recycling. And many times if we don’t have it in our present inventory we will have access to it through our large network of small business owners like you who we strive to serve with the buying, selling, refurbishing and brokering of tire recycling equipment. Who would know your equipment better than us because we don’t just sell one particular brand name we refurbish most every brand and model machine made here domestically as well as several from other countries.

So make your first call to URC and see if we can’t help make your business more successful whether you need to purchase more equipment or get rid of excess equipment that you might have sitting around your plant location. Let Uncle Sam along with URC help make your bottom line look better for 2010! (see attached plant we currently have available for sale at a very attractive price).

Equipment List

  1. Custom built in-feed conveyor (shredder)
  2. Model 62 X 40HT Granutech/Saturn shredder
  3. 200 hp Hydraulic Power Pak
  4. Electrical control panel for shredder
  5. Custom built shredder out-feed conveyor
  6. Bulk Handling Systems rotary disc screen classifier
  7. Custom built short re-circulating conveyor
  8. Custom built long re-circulating conveyor
  9. Custom built sized material out-feed conveyor
  10. Custom built surge/ storage bin
  11. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  12. Custom built in-feed conveyor (Grizzly)
  13. Model M80 Granutech/ Saturn Grizzly
  14. Electrical control panel for Grizzly
  15. Custom built duct work (Grizzly)
  16. Vibratory conveyor (out-feed for Grizzly)
  17. Cross belt magnet
  18. Cyclone, airlock, and stand (Grizzly)
  19. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  20. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  21. Custom built surge/ storage bin
  22. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  23. Custom built in-feed conveyor (Cumberland)
  24. Model 50H Cumberland granulator
  25. Electrical control panel for Cumberland
  26. Custom built duct work (Cumberland)
  27. Cyclone, airlock, and stand (Cumberland)
  28. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  29. Custom built out-feed conveyor/ with stainless section
  30. Cross belt magnet
  31. Custom built surge/ storage bin
  32. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  33. Model 50 VMS Foresburg gravity table
  34. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  35. Custom built duct work (Gravity)
  36. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  37. Cyclone, airlock, and stand (Forseberg)
  38. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  39. Drum magnet & stand
  40. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  41. Custom built in-feed conveyor (Cracker Mill)
  42. 24″ X 32″ double roll Cracker Mill
  43. Electrical control panel for Cracker Mill
  44. Custom built duct work Cracker Mill
  45. Cyclone, airlock, and stand (Cracker Mill)
  46. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  47. Custom built duct work (dust collector)
  48. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  49. 6’ X 12’ double deck Rotex screen
  50. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  51. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  52. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  53. Custom built surge/ storage bin
  54. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  55. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  56. Automated weighing and bagging station
  57. Large Dust Collector
  58. Custom built screw auger conveyor
  59. Large Blower
  60. Electrical control panel (dust collector & gravity table)