Another election has come and gone – It is Time to Buy!!!

Well the time has come and we all had the chance to place a vote for the candidate of our choice.  And as I’m writing this blog we still don’t really know who is going to be our next president.  And for many of us who have had the privilege of being around for many elections it really doesn’t matter whether they are Republican or Democrat as long as we have one of the legislative branches controlled by which ever party doesn’t control the white house.  This way we still have a check and balance in place to keep one party from being able to upset the whole way our country is run. 

With all this said we think this is the perfect time to purchase the Waste Recycling Equipment you need.  And the first and only call that you need to make is to Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC) for these equipment requirements.  And this is the perfect time to be able to take advantage of the Section 179 IRS tax Deduction.  The IRS now allows businesses to FULLY deduct up to $1,000,000 of your capital equipment purchases in 2020.  The only major stipulation to be able to receive this deduction is that this piece or package of equipment has to be on your site and ready to operate before the end of 2020.

So if you have the need for any type of additional pieces of Recycling Equipment then you need to contact one of our Can Do Crew and see what we might have available to meet your needs.  As you know time is definitely of the essence if you’re hoping to be able to use the Section 179 deduction this year.  We do have several pieces of Tire Recycling Equipment that would indeed be able to meet these guidelines if purchased quickly.  We also could more than likely still get a whole tire down to mulch processing system completed to meet this deadline.  So if you do have the need then we more than likely can help you get a waste tire recycling system operating by years end.  So if you have the need for a Tire Shredder, Secondary Grinder, Granulator, Tire Baler, Rim Crusher, Specialized Conveyors, Clean Wire System, Paint Line, Sizing Screen or Classifier then please give us a call at 660-295-4204

Also we can most definitely help you as well with any type of Wood Waste Recycling Equipment that you might have need of.  We currently have Tubgrinders and several Compost Turners in stock here at our location.  And we can most likely be able to locate one of these pieces of equipment if we don’t have the machine here on hand to meet your requirements.  So if you have the need for Tubgrinders, Horizontal Grinders, Trommel Screens, Compost Turners, or anything else related to Waste Wood processing then don’t hesitate to give us a call here at 660-295-4204.

URC is quickly approaching twenty five years of serving the Recycling Industry.  So when you have the need call the ones that have been around and understand what your equipment needs are.  Our goal now as always is to treat all of our customers the way we would want to be treated if we were the ones doing the buying.  God Bless our nation and the freedom that our forefathers have allowed us to enjoy for well over two hundred years.